There’s a difference between a tight budget and being seriously stretched for cash. In such a situation, what can you do to get the money quickly and get back on your feet?

Whether you want to put money away for an upcoming wedding, a special holiday, repay a mortgage or something else, here are a number of ways you can save money effectively.

Use the cash for daily expenses

While paying your utility bills or rent in cash may not be ideal, switching to cash for other expenses can help you cut spending. Using cash puts a tougher limit on your spending and helps you become more conscious of your choices. Food and entertainment are two prime areas to go cash-only.

Also, take a good look at your budget to see if there expenses you can cut down on. For example, is your car too expensive to pay? Can you find a cheaper, but a nice place to live?

Can you move in with your roommates to save money on rent? The savings you make on these changes can help you with the extra cash you need until things improve.

Make money doing referrals

If you use an app frequently enough, the referral bonus is as good as the hard, cold cash.

Uber and Lyft (ride-sharing), Everlane and Proper Cloth (clothes), Seamless (food), Spier & Mackay and other apps and websites give you some credit for any person you refer who makes a purchase using the app.

Also, a lot of small, local businesses — such as plumbers, electricians, landscapers, home improvement firms, and even retail shops gain business by word-of-mouth marketing. Many of these people pay referral fees to help spread a good word about their companies.

Find new sources of income

Selling things you don’t need, such as old electronics, jewellery, or any other unused item will provide you with the wiggle room that your family needs to need as you plan out the next move.

If you need more cash at once, you have many options for borrowing. You should contact your bank to explore their loan or overdraft features. While this is by no means a long terms solution, it may help in the short term, for example, to pay a bill.

Rent out your unused apartment or room

If you have extra room in your home, or if you’re travelling for a while and won’t be in your house, consider renting it out on websites like Airbnb for the short term.

You can list your space, set rental dates and rates and people visiting the area will pay you to stay in your place for a short time.

How much you can make depends on your local rental market.

Government Aid

Last but not least, don’t forget that government services will help you get back to financial security, beyond unemployment benefits and food stamps.

You should also contact you’re a financial advisor confidentially for support in seeking resources or services that apply to you, including financial planning and job search assistance.

Keeping on top of money, even when you are struggling for cash, is important. This is where any money management skills you have will be crucial to get yourself out of a less than ideal situation.