Finance Apps

Too much information can affect your productivity at work, especially if you have your own business and investments.

While your smartphone can distract you from getting things done on time, it can also guide you to business success if you master your digital gadget wisely. There are 5 different business apps to ensure your business is growing according to your plan.

Financial Times

Taking a lead of business requires the most authentic yet updated information to keep track of your financial assets, the impulse of the global financial market and how politics shapes the global market.

As a leading financial newspaper in the world, the Financial Times offers a personalized setting for users to synchronize their stock holdings, equities and funds with the latest news.

The App gives an exclusive briefing for premium users to learn more about the latest trend of world markets in terms of indices of all continents around the world. The Alert function also provides hands-on information for users to make the best decision for their investments in thriving their business.

Loop–Habit Tracker

Success follows a pattern which you can trace it systematically. Loop is a helpful organizational tool that allows you to get insights with a quantitative approach.

Not only does its minimalistic interface save your time to search for information about your habits, but its habit score also demonstrates your current streak to calculate the strength of your habits.

Its flexible settings further strengthen your motivation to build your business because it is a tailor-made timetable for all kinds of businesses you can think of. In case you forget what, you are supposed to do every day, the individual reminders are useful tools to consolidate your business plans.

XE Currency

This is a powerful currency tool which is suitable for international business firms that have established regional offices in countries using different currencies.

As international businesses have to take the global currencies exchange market into consideration, XE Currency gives you the latest currency rates, historical charts, and informative market analysis for you to monitor business growth in different regional offices precisely.

It saves your time by following multiple currency rates at the same time, thereby creating an effective way for you to follow the latest currency rates.


It is an alternative banking App that facilitates international transactions without charging you extra fees. It reduces your operational costs for business development because it allows you to transfer money to bank accounts in over 140 countries while saving money from the exchange rates.

It is also a multi-layered tool which helps you manage your monthly budget according to your transaction records. If there are recurring payments for your company, you can simply set up a Vault to manage your payments automatically without wasting extra human resources.


This is a business management tool that integrates communication channels, multiple working platforms and maintenance of data continuity.

Among all collaborative features, you can build your business network to diversify your profits by scanning and searching information from business cards. Instead of looking for your physical business cards, Evernote helps you organize your business by centralizing all of your information in one place.

Your smartphone can definitely pave the way for your business success if you know how to look for the best Apps to keep track on your business growth. The above Apps are suggested to use for managing your business at your fingertips.