7 Things To Know Before Vaping

If you are new to the world of consuming weed and finding ways to consume it, one of the friends in your circle probably has discussed the various ways for its consumption and might have convinced you to choose the vaping method. Vaping nowadays is kind of a big deal. 

This method is highly exposed to popularity especially in teens or young adults. If you are one of those who are considering choosing this method, there are 7 things you need to keep in mind. 

Type Of Substance For Use

The very first question that you need to ask yourself is in what form you are going to consume the weed. Is it CBD oil or a herb? Vaping offers many choices and doing options so you can choose what you want to vape through those electronic cigarettes. 

Kinds Of Vaporizers

Once you decide in which form you want to consume weed, you will go to find the vaporizer according to that. There are different kinds of e-cigarettes, vape pens, and pods, and other kinds of e-cigarettes. But most of the people use Juul. 

This vaporizer looks like a flash drive which you can also charge in a laptop’s USB drive and the great thing about these vapes is that they don’t make any smoke, that’s why they are popular among teens who use them at home and schools. 


When you decide that you will choose to vape over other methods of consuming marijuana, you will try to find a vape shop where you can get the best and durable vaporizers that are useful for you. You should consider these points for purchasing a good vaporizer:

  • Ask your experienced friend who is an expert in vaping and has been using the vaporizers for a long time.
  • Check for reviews if it’s an online shop.
  • Check different options on different websites and compare the prices
  • Check the policies and guarantees

Maintenance Is Necessary

Vaping pens are no different things from any other weed-consuming tools. For the beginning months, a new vaporizer will give a smooth and you’ll get the ultimate set of the palette. But over time, the residue and other debris build-up along the walls of the metal, and the quality of the vapor changes. The parts of vaporizers need to be cleaned or replaced at some points. 

One component of the vaporizer that needs more regular care is the heating element that breaks down or weakens over time and needs to be changed once you start feeling it not functioning properly. 


There is a myth that vaping is safer but it needs to be corrected. Vaping is not safe at all but it is a less harmful way to consume weed than other ways. As compared to the other methods such as when you smoke weed through cigarettes and joints, it produces smoke that is harmful and is not a convenient method for those with respiratory disorders. Some other benefits of vaping over other methods are:

  • There is no combustion.
  • You can take those vapes with you in any public place 
  • They do not emit traditional smoke 

Harmful Effects

Although vaping is considered to be a safe method for marijuana consumption as compared to smoking it is not safer at all. E-cigarettes are made with metal, heat nicotine, and flavorings in the weed. It contains chemicals that create an aerosol that you inhale and cause damage to your heart and lung health. Other harmful effects of vaping are:

Crave more: It heats the nicotine which is the primary agent in e-cigarettes and is highly addictive. It makes a person crave more consumption and suffers withdrawal symptoms if he resists. 

Heart issue: nicotine present in e-cigarettes is a toxic substance and raises blood pressure which increases the heart rate and causes a heart attack. 

Brain risks: when you vape, you put nicotine in your body which is highly addictive and can affect brain development causing you to lose memory, less ability to concentrate, promoting mood disorders, lack of self-control, and the risk of mental disorders.

Toxins: the vapor produced during vaping is not water, it is made of harmful chemicals and the particles that we inhale which cause damage to the lungs.