If you live in either an apartment or a small house, you may struggle to find enough space to fit in all your furniture and belongings without your place looking cramped and chaotic. 

Fortunately, there are several tried and tested methods that can transform a small space into a more practical and stylish home. We have put together nine brilliant space-saving solutions that you can use in your apartment, including tips on how to get creative with storage. 

1. Choose multitasking furniture

Whether it’s the rooms themselves that are small or your overall square footage is limited, by choosing the right furniture, you can maximize the space you have and enjoy your home to its full potential.

One great multitasking piece of furniture is a foam bean bag by Fombag. Stylish and super comfortable, the right bean bag chair or lounger can be used by all members of the family, including pets. Plus, it can be easily carried from room to room or stored away when not needed.

Available in a wide selection of sizes, shapes, and colors, you will be able to find the perfect bean bag for your needs and to complement the existing décor of your apartment. 

2. Use your wall space

When it comes to both furniture and home furnishings, many people are guilty of only using their floor space. However, when this is limited, why not take advantage of all the unused walls in your home? 

You could create an elevated sleeping area, hang your utensils around your oven, or transform a set of shelves into your very own home office desk. There are so many creative and exciting ways that you can use the vertical space in your apartment. 

3. Stay organized

If you live in a small space, you need to ensure that you are organized when it comes to tidying and cleaning your apartment. In fact, the saying “a place for everything and everything in its place” should be your new motto. 

This is particularly important if you are placing items away in hidden storage areas, as you don’t want to have to pull all your belongings out each time you are looking for something.  You may even want to create an organizational map of your home so that you can find things quickly and efficiently. 

4. Create different zones

Although open-plan designs are highly sought after, when you live in a small apartment, having all your living space exposed can cause problems. One of the simplest ways to rectify this is by creating different zones using either a curtain or a screen.

For example, you could drape some fabric around your bed to manufacture the feel of a separate bedroom, or you could create a dining room section using a simple screen. Plus, all of these makeshift zones can be either permanent or temporary, depending on your needs. 

5. Rotate your clothing 

Finding hanging space for all your clothing can be a challenge when you live in an apartment, but fortunately, there is a simple solution. By rotating your clothing by season, you can store away your winter clothes during the warmer months and vice versa when the weather turns cold. 

Yes, this can be a little time-consuming, but you only need to do it twice a year, and then you can enjoy a clutter-free and spacious wardrobe that is a pleasure rather than a pain to peruse. You may want to do this for your footwear too. 

6. Only display treasured items 

Take a leaf out of Marie Kondo’s book and only keep items in your home that “spark joy.” Not only will this save you copious amounts of space, but it will also make your home a more bespoke and beautiful place for you and your guests to enjoy. 

When it comes to seeking out new furniture, don’t settle for second best, and instead, take your time until you find the perfect item for your apartment. And if you can’t find it, have it custom-made!

7. Be clever with lighting 

If you are lucky enough to have plenty of natural light coming into your apartment, then make sure you make the most out of it. Avoid heavy curtains and invest in blinds that will maximize the daylight hours. 

For those who are lacking in light, you need to be extra clever with your lighting choices. Avoid floor lamps as these will take up valuable floor space, and instead, opt for sconces and recessed lighting. Under-cabinet lights are also a great option for the kitchen, taking up very little space and creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

8. Opt for narrow designs 

You may think that you don’t have sufficient space for certain items of furniture such as a dining room table or a desk. However, before you resign yourself to a home without these key items, why not see if you can fit in a narrower design? 

Narrow and sleek furniture is becoming increasingly popular with people living in apartments, offering a stylish and sophisticated way to enjoy all the same activities as someone who lives in a large, detached property. 

9. Create a mezzanine 

Whether you need an extra bedroom, want to build a home office, or you fancy having a den in your apartment, having a mezzanine level can help you to achieve this. Ideal for those who have an apartment with high ceilings, if you do choose this option to create more space, you will need the help of a professional builder or construction company to ensure your new level is structurally sound. 

In terms of cost, you can expect to pay between $20-$30 per square foot. This will include any materials needed, freight to your home, and installation. 

Well, there you have it, our nine amazing space-saving solutions that have the ability to transform your living space from cramped to contemporary, tiny to trendsetting. 

The only question is, which tried and tested technique are you going to try first?