Sometimes when you want to get lunch, you just want to get something good without spending a lot of money. All too often, it seems like either need to break the bank or settle for something that you don’t love. It may leave you asking “why can’t the best lunch near me be affordable?” Fortunately, there is one option that can always deliver on price and deliciousness.

Papa John’s Pizza Is the Best Option

Pizza is a go-to staple for so many people for a reason. It is affordable and everyone loves it. In fact, the first pizzas were flatbreads sold on Italian streets. They existed because the residents needed something tasty, filling, convenient and affordable. In other words, pizza has always been the go-to option for tasty by reasonably priced food.

Papa John’s may have the best lunch of any of the major brands. They offer both a wide selection of options and lots of specials. Whether you want pizza, a Papadia, wings, breadsticks or anything else, you will find something to love at a good price at Papa John’s.

Papa John’s Offering Some of the Most Affordable Lunch Options Available

If you’ve been lamenting “why aren’t the restaurants near me affordable,” fret no longer, Papa John’s has a great menu at some very reasonable prices. Pizza is always a good choice if you want a great deal. In most cases, you can feed multiple people (or yourself more than once) with a single order which is likely the same price or less than a single entrée at other restaurants.

Additionally, the new Papadia pizza-sandwich is a great treat at a good price. Even without pizza specials, anyone can afford this tasty food. Also, it comes in four flavors currently. So, nearly everyone can find one to enjoy. It is worth trying if only to see what a pizza/sandwich hybrid tastes like. Since it is so affordable, you don’t have to worry about ordering one.

Be Sure To Include Papa John’s Pizza Specials With Your Order

While the menu has plenty of affordable options, Papa John’s sweetens the deal with specials. They consistently have specials on the menu that will help you save if you order certain foods and/or combinations. They also provide promotions via text and email. You can sign up today and score a deal on your lunch.

Perhaps the best special, however, is the rewards program. This is such a simple way to save money on your food. If you order more than once, you are going to build up some “Papa Dough.” Pretty soon, you will be able to convert that into free food. Maybe order lunch for the group and take all the rewards for yourself.

Plan Your Next Lunch Special

When you want something that tastes good, is convenient and is affordable, there is only one truly great option: pizza. With places like Papa John’s offering tons of specials and affordable deals, you really can’t go wrong. Check out some of the pizza you could order today and plan your next lunch special.