How to Choose the Perfect Haircut for Your Face Shape

The right haircut can make or break your look. But what looks good on Brad Pitt may not work on you. So, how do you figure out what styles will flatter your face shape?

To determine your face shape, photograph yourself with your hair tied back so only your forehead and cheekbones are visible. Then, trace around the perimeter of your face to find which geometric shape you most closely resemble.


Oval-faced women have a larger forehead than most other face shapes and a soft, slightly pointed jawline. The best haircuts for oval faces cover the forehead at least partially, which shifts attention to the cheekbones and jawline.

Long, flowing waves can flatter an oval face if simple and sleek. For example, a shoulder-grazing bob with minimal layers and a side-parted front brushed back against natural growth is a classic hairstyle at a hair salon that will never go out of style.

If you have medium hair, a center-parted lob with face-framing bangs will flatter your facial shape. The loose, wavy look emphasizes your cheekbones and jawline for a sexy finish. This haircut is easy to maintain, too! Tousle your strands and add light-colored highlights.


If you have a square face shape, long wavy locks look flattering. They soften your angular features and make you look lighter and bouncier. Also, opting for a layered style with highlights brings edginess to your look and helps you stand out.

Moreover, a bluntly cut front fringe is flattering for you, especially when swept to the side, balancing your forehead and jawline. However, avoiding straight bangs is important, which makes your face look boxy.

A side-swept bob with a deep side part is a good choice to slim your jawline further. Actresses like Priyanka Chopra, Margot Robbie and Natalie Portman look great with this hairstyle. Moreover, adding volume to your crown with back brushing accentuates your jawline.


Olivia Palermo is the perfect example of how various hairstyles can accentuate and enhance a rectangle face. Her slender frame and well-defined jawline work perfectly with her long bobs, cascading waves, and voluminous updos.

Ladies with rectangular faces typically want to soften their strong jawlines and foreheads without elongating their faces. This means that layered cuts and rounded fringes work best for this shape. Short bobs with side-swept bangs are generally flattering on this face shape.

Longer styles with cascading layers, such as a shoulder-length layered cut, also work well for this face shape as they add width and balance to the look. However, women with a rectangular face must avoid blunt-cut styles, as these will accentuate their angular features.


Diamond-shaped faces are wider at the cheekbones and narrower in the forehead and jawline. This face shape requires haircuts that balance the wide cheekbones with a narrower forehead and jawline. This is why long layers work best for diamond-shaped faces.

These help add width to the narrow forehead while framing the eyes. Wispy or angled bangs are a good choice, too. However, to keep your hair shorter, consider a chin-length rounded bob that adds needed volume to the narrow chin.

Avoid heavy, straight-across bangs, as they accentuate the widest part of the diamond-shaped face. Feathered or full, long, straight bangs slightly parted in the center may work, but experiment to see what looks best on you!


Whether you have short or long hair, it’s important to consider your face shape when choosing a haircut. For those with round faces, Fugate says that cascading layers are a great way to slim the look and add more angles, so try a collarbone-length bob with side-swept bangs or a layered pixie with edgy texture.

For those with medium hair, a textured shag with choppy face-framing layers is a great option for round faces, as the length helps to elongate your appearance visually. Or try this gorgeous feathered lob with swoopy fringe and caramel balayage to accentuate your cheekbones and jawline. The deep side parting distracts from your heavier chin and nose, making this style an instant hit.