Hemp flower

Since the legalization of hemp and marijuana in several countries, the hemp business has developed and is currently worth a lot. It makes sense if you are in the hemp business. For hemp to be used, it is essential to cure and dry the hemp flower. Many people choose not to cure and dry the hemp flower on their own. This is because many people tend to think that the whole process is complicated.

Contrary to what many are made to believe, curing and dry hemp flower is not that complicated. This article will talk about the curing and drying of hemp flower. Here is a detailed guide to curing hemp flowers.

Cure and Dry Hemp Flowers Low and Slowly

The best way to cure and dry hemp flower is by taking all the time you need. If you want a good and potent product in the end, you should be willing to wait for an extended period. Many people, especially those who are selling hemp flowers, tend to rush the process most of the time. Though understandably, the demand for dry hemp flower tends to be high, it is essential to slow the process.

Make sure that you dry the flowers at a slow pace with equally low temperatures. Hemp flowers that are cured and dried at a slow pace tend to have good natural flavor and are also highly potent. Many well-known brands tend to cure and dry the hemp flower for no less than two months. This shows the importance of taking the whole process slow. Products that are not slowly cured and dried tend to burn unevenly and have more choking smoke. If you are a business, this may drive your customers away.

The Process of Drying Hemp Flower

There is a process that farmers tend to follow when drying hemp flowers that you should emulate. The whole process starts when the flowers are initially harvested from the farm. It is essential that you first trim the flowers. After trimming the flowers, the next step is to hang the flowers on racks or a wire hanger.

It is essential to make sure that you do this process in a dark room. The ideal temperature should be around 70 degrees. Most of the time, the process should at least take a week. Through touching the flowers and looking at their physical appearance, you should see that the flowers lack moisture. The next process after ensuring that you have dry hemp flowers is curing.

The Process of Curing Dry Hemp Flowers

As stated above, the next step after drying hemp flowers is to cure. Curing is essential in ensuring that the hemp flowers are potent and of high quality. You should ensure that you have the proper jar for the curing process. Once you place the hemp buds in the jars, make sure you seal them and put them in a cool and dry place. As the week passes, you can open the jar for a short period. The whole process typically takes six weeks.


You should follow the mentioned tips above when curing and drying hemp flowers. When done correctly, you can be sure of high quality and potent product.