How to Plan an Event with Live Entertainers

Events can be so fun to plan, but there’s a lot of stress that comes with planning a meal, entertainment, and space and decorations for so many other people.  Fortunately, you don’t also have to get on stage and sing for everyone!  Performers are a fantastic must-have for every party, and here’s how you get them.

Find The Location

Where are you throwing your event?  Is it someone’s home, or are you partying in a large center?  The available space affects who you can hire and how much room they have to perform.  Consider if people will be able to hear them clearly, or if the performers will overpower the entire space because it’s too small.  No big swing bands for small intimate parties, and no singular violinists for a party with hundreds attending, will be the right fit.

Figure Out The Timing

When is your party?  If it’s in December or late November, it can be nearly impossible to book someone.  The summer is a busy season because of weddings and parties, so make sure that you lock down a date as early as possible.  

Think About Budget

How much can you afford?  If your budget is small, you may only be able to afford a single singer. In contrast, a larger budget can afford more powerful performances and possibly more than one type of performance.  Figure out your budget before you approach any artists to feel like they’re wasting their time by responding.

Consider What Performers Suit It

When thinking about your party, what type of performer do you picture?  Is it gospel singers for a baptism or violinists for a wedding ceremony?  If you’re unsure, you can check sites like Pinterest or YouTube for inspiration.

Also, remember that there are more than just singers!  You can hire performers to be celebrity impersonators, dancers, acrobats, musicians, and even personalities to help guide the party.  There are endless professionals out there to help make your event exactly what you want.

Reach Out And Schedule

Try to reach out at least two months for your event, possibly up to six months early if it’s an event like a wedding and you’re set on this performer.  It’s okay if you’re unsure and want to contact multiple performers, but don’t waste your chance finding the right one by putting it off.  Instead, take the time to do what you can to get them early.  Be clear on your schedule about the time you want them to start performing and how early they might need to be there to be ready for it.

Plan Ahead and Pay On Time

Although most people are reasonable and pay those they hire when it’s time, some forget or put it off to performers.  Not only is this incredibly rude, but it can also put your party at risk.  Do you want those attending your gathering to know that you were happy to splurge on food but didn’t feel like paying the singer?

If you pay them on time, tip them (or allow tips) afterward, and treat them well: they’ll do some of their best work.