Winter driving

Driving in winter can be more dangerous, even for experienced drivers. There are more accidents on the roads, more traffic as we drive more cautiously, and more breakdowns and damage. Driving carefully, taking your time, and reducing long journeys will help to keep you safe, but you should also spend some time preparing your car, to make sure it’s ready to take on inclement conditions. 

Get a Service

Up to half of the problems that cold weather can cause our cars could be prevented by a simple service. If your car hasn’t been serviced this year, get one booked before the weather gets worse, to make sure you are prepared. 

Check Fluid Levels

Most services will include oil changes, fluid checks, and top-ups. But, it’s always worth checking. Even something as simple as adding screen wash with de-icer can make winter driving easier and help you keep you safe on the road. 

Change Your Tires

Winter tires in St Louis from Telle Tire and Auto Centers can offer extra grip and protection in the wintertime. This can prevent accidents, keep you safe, and mean that you have far greater control over your car in even the worst conditions. 

If you live in an area with high snowfall, you may also want to invest in snow chains for extra grip and safety. 

Clean Your Lights

We use our lights far more in the winter. It gets dark earlier and stays dark later, so even driving home from work is done in the dark. But, we also need our lights on in heavy rain and other poor weather conditions. 

However, your lights can only light the way safely and effectively if they are clean. Wipe them regularly, and especially if you have driven through mud or in heavy rain, and make sure you scrape them to clear ice and snow when you scrape your windows. 

Check Your Battery

In the winter, when it’s cold, our car battery output is reduced due to cold. At the same time, we are using our batteries more as the lights and heaters are on for longer periods. This means that in the winter, more car batteries run flat than at any other time. 

Most car batteries work well for around five years. If you’ve noticed that your car is taking longer to start up, it might be time for a replacement. 

Pack Your Sunglasses

When we think about the dangers of winter driving and the things that we need to do to prepare, we usually consider cold conditions, heavy rain, snow, and ice. But, in the wintertime, the sun is much lower than in the summer. This means that on a bright, clear day, the sun can shine brightly in your eye line. Having a pair of sunglasses close to hand can offer extra protection from the sun, and used in combination with your visor can make it easier to see clearly and prevent accidents. 

Of course, even with the best preparations, accidents, and breakdowns happen. When driving in the winter, make sure you have a phone charger or power bank, a torch, snacks and drinks, blankets, and waterproofs, just in case.