How Video Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business

In order to create videos for marketing purposes, you need to be well-versed with how the world of marketing is evolving and changing. Today, content plays a very important role in how you market your brand and make your business flourish.

Content also comes in various formats, and today one of the most trending formats is none other than engaging and relatable videos. It all comes down to bringing out your creativity in curating video concepts, shooting them efficiently, and getting them prepped to be consumed by viewers. Not only does it increase the probability of making more and more people know about your brand and what you represent, but it also helps to establish your brand identity in multiple formats with a far better reach compared to just blogs or static posts.

Whether you use a video maker or just start with the basics to first understand the importance of conceptualization and strategizing your video content, video marketing is the growing present and the foreseeable future for the world of marketing, and there is no denying that.

There are endless perks that come with video marketing; however, let us ponder a little deeper on how it can truly make an impact for a growing brand and what are the intelligent tactics and basics you need to master to ensure your video has that special quality which will make people want to watch it, and get them intrigued to know more about what your brand or business has to offer.

1. Conversion rates skyrocket!

Irrespective of which content format you are going for, when it comes to marketing and analysis of your marketing tactics, it is always the conversion rates that help make the right judgment.

The placement of your marketing videos matters a great deal. When you upload it on the landing page itself – the conversion rates are as high as 80%, whereas if you plan to send a marketing video via mail – then conversion rates can skyrocket to 200-300%.

Keeping your videos short, like within the time frame of 2 minutes, always helps get more traction. The attention span of your viewers is really low. Thus, they want to consume video content quickly, which mostly gets you the benefit you are looking for.

2. SEO rankings increase considerably

To many, it is quite well-known that videos have always had a great ranking on Google. Hence they have been ranking them higher based on SEO searches.

Google always does the job of promoting more videos, and here is where marketing videos can see growth potential in creating more brand awareness as well.

It is well-known that more the time spent by viewers on a particular website, the more it establishes how well it is doing based on the content. Marketing videos have been deemed to do a great job in retaining more viewers for a longer period of time on websites.

3. Customer interaction and influence improves exponentially

Motion graphics always have a lot more positive impact compared to static images. In fact, statistics claim that customers trust a brand a lot more when there are videos where employees of the brand communicate directly with them by speaking more about the brand and the ethos.

This helps improve customer service relationships a great deal as customers find more courage to trust the brand. Moreover, customers are more likely to be interested in watching videos than just reading from a template or seeing a static image.

4. Effective brand awareness establishment

Brand awareness is an integral part of any effective marketing campaign. Here is where marketing videos again show great potential. With the help of videos, you can put up content that has some BTS footage on how you work, some snippets on the kind of work culture you have by interviewing employees or introducing them, etc.

These are a nice way to give your potential clients an inside peek into what goes on behind curating a brand and make it reach the height of success. Moving pictures also help form a connection with your customers as you depict the kind of values you possess as a brand and what a relationship with your brand looks like. All these culminate into them having more faith in you and creating a great brand image.

5. Video reviews are more effective

We have all seen how reviews help a brand or business grow based on what people feel about products after usage. But today, with YouTube being one of the most used social media platforms, video reviews gain a lot more attention compared to written reviews.

The tactic of adding video reviews to your product pages brings more traction to your website as well as the products, as potential customers get to view the reviews and make an informed decision. This is a lot faster and a lot more engaging compared to printed words as reviews.

6. More engagement

It is believed that about 1200% of re-shares come from shared video content compared to images or text posts. As we all know, the more the percentage of shareability of certain content and the circulating word-of-mouth, the more are the chances of a brand gaining more awareness.

Therefore, in order to reach that height of shareability, marketing videos are doing exceptionally well and are being chosen as the preferred mode of content to engage more with potential customers.

7. The ROI is a lot more satisfying

Most investors are of the opinion that considering the vast amount of money that is spent on marketing, they expect a good return on their investment. Increasingly, marketing videos are doing really well in terms of ROI. Therefore this qualifies as one more reason why being in the field of marketing, you should understand the various benefits of these videos more and more.


The statistics and points of reference mentioned above leave little to the imagination about how beneficial marketing videos are. They are undoubtedly more interactive and engaging and do a great job representing a brand identity differently.

Keeping your potential customers intrigued and interested should always be the goal of every marketing campaign. Incorporating this format of the content is bound to get you a lot of advantages that you get to enjoy.