Online learning has enjoyed a massive surge over the last few years with people now choosing to go back to school from the comfort of their own home. Here are some reasons why online learning has become so popular recently.


The Coronavirus epidemic has changed a lot of things for people. They have had to get used to living a new way of life and staying in a lot more. The demise of traditional entertainment and learning venues has meant that a lot more people have taken to finding their own entertainment at home. One of the things they have been doing is online learning. These days you can learn anything from quantum physics to flower arranging online and everything in between too.

Finding a New Career

There have been a lot of people made redundant or unable to work in their usual jobs recently and career stability is not looking good for some. This is set to continue for the foreseeable future and people are looking at ways of changing careers or providing a secondary income. You are never too old to start thinking about a new career. People often try their hand at something practical such as bookkeeping or aim for their dream job such as computer graphics. There are many courses available for both. For example, a Concept Art Online School like Visual Arts Passage aims to give its students the skills to succeed as digital artists and you don’t have to leave home to learn.

Ease of Learning

A traditional course will have set days and times that a student will need to attend class. That is ok until the rest of your life takes over. A deadline at work might mean you have to work late, or heavy traffic could make you late for class. Miss a couple of classes and it can be hard to catch up and easier to drop out. With an online course, people find it much easier to catch up where necessary or take the class at a time and day that better suits their needs. This flexibility makes online learning very popular and knowing that lessons can’t actually be missed gives people the confidence to start learning online.


Some courses are easy to find at the local institute and others are a lot more specialised. It can be difficult to find a local class in a specialised subject and you may not want to travel too far from home. Many people find that an online course is an obvious way to go in this instance and with so many subjects being available to study online it makes sense to stay home and study.

A growing number of people are finding that online study helps with their personal growth, their career aspirations, and helps them to gain confidence. It is certainly a growth industry and will continue to be so over the years to come. Perhaps it is time to take that course you have been thinking about yourself.