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Are you in the market for new prescription glasses? Have you started to search but aren’t exactly sure what to purchase? Before you make a decision, you may want to take a moment to catch up on all the trends that are proving to be hot in terms of women’s eyewear for 2021. The great news is that there is a good amount of variety, so there’s a little something for everyone. Let’s take a look at a few of the hottest trends.

Oversized Frames

While not a new trend, it looks like oversized frames will continue to be hot in 2021. These can be used with regular prescription glasses or sunglasses. Think big frames that fully cover the eyes and even parts of the cheeks. As for the shape, there is no specific shape that is more stylish than another.

Thin Rimmed Frames

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum are thin-rimmed frames, typically made of metal. These are ideal for people who don’t want their glasses to be their main feature. These frames can almost blend right into your skin tone, depending on the finish. Rose gold and yellow gold are particularly hot for 2021, and are flattering to a variety of skin tones. They also act as neutral colors, so they will look great with anything you wear.

Transparent Rims

Taking it one step further in terms of an understated look, are transparent rims. Again, these are ideal for people who don’t want their glasses to pop too much. Because the rims are transparent, they will look great on anyone, so in that sense, they are universal.

Round Frames

A hot shape for frames in 2021 is round frames. You can blend this trend with others such as oversized frames, or thin-rims, and just pick a round shape. Round frames tend to look best on heart-shaped faces, square faces, and oval faces. 

Wooden Frames

If you’re going for the all-natural vibe, then this hot trend is for you. Wooden frames are also popping up for 2021 and are a really unique trend for fashion-forward people. There are different colors of wood to choose from, as well as frame shapes. This one can be tailored to your likes and lifestyle.

Remember to Base It on Personal Preferences

While each of these frames will be hot for 2021, reputable eyewear shops like Eyewearhaus stress to their customers that it’s important your decision is based on your personal features. i.e. your personality, your own personal style, your face shape, and your skin tone. Just because they’re trendy, doesn’t mean they will automatically suit you, and that you will feel comfortable with the frames.

As you start the hunt for the perfect new glasses, you may want to keep in mind what will be trending in women’s eyewear for 2021. Keep in mind that not every trend will work for each person, so it’s best to keep an open mind and figure out which one suits you best.