Why do we love cupcakes so much? They are the latest trend for birthdays, weddings and for all kinds of desserts that want to replace a cake. They are ideal because, thanks to cupcake liners, we don’t need plates, cutlery, and not shared! You can use any cake recipe and prepare the cupcakes without changing anything. The only difference is the baking time in the oven.

As we call this culinary delight, these cupcakes or muffins have become one of the favorite pieces of all cooking lovers. It is not surprising since they are baked very quickly, and we can taste them even faster.

They can be prepared sweet or savory, and there is no limit to the imagination so that everyone can find their favorite combination.  We are going to show you what you need to know to guarantee success when preparing them.

BAKING THEM IN PAPER MUFFINS: Using the cupcake liners you can find in various sizes, colors, and patterns in any supermarket or specialized kitchenware store, you can bake the typical muffins. You don’t need to grease the metal molds beforehand, and when they are baked and ready, you can unmold them without making the slightest effort, always being sure that they will be just as you dream them.

BAKE THEM IN GREASED METAL MOULDS: Use the special metal molds for muffins and to prevent them from sticking when baking, grease them with butter, margarine, or oil, all depending on the recipe you are preparing, and then sprinkle a little wheat flour, chocolate, breadcrumbs, grated coconut, sesame seeds, sugar, in short, it also depends on your recipe.

TIP: If you want to save oil and distribute it optimally, keep it in a pump sprayer, and you will see how fast the task is done. You can buy these sprayers in any supermarket in the kitchenware and utensils area.

BAKE THEM IN SILICONE MOULDS OR ANTI-STICK MOULDS: These types of molds do not need to be greased and floured for baking. When your cupcakes or muffins are ready, take them out of the oven and let them cool completely and then unmold. This will happen in a few minutes, as the material cools quickly.

BAKING IN COFFEE CUPS: You can also bake muffins in coffee cups. It is a very original, delicate, and precious way to present them to your guests in the same cup and without unmolding them. Of course, before baking the muffins, you must grease and flour the cups so that they do not stick.

TIP: After baking, frozen. You baked the muffins, and you have some leftover, and you don’t know what to do not to lose them? No problem, freeze them! Just refrigerate them without the topping and decorations, and you can thaw them the moment you want to eat them. Take them out a few hours before serving them, or take them a few minutes in the microwave, always using the “defrost” option. Once again, we wish you bon appetit and until next time !!!!