Well. The groom to be has elected you as his best man and it is your heavy responsibility to negotiate with loads of other blokes, your own partner, and a load of other people. It’s your duty to get the poor sod as slammed as is humanly possible, organise his stag activities, soothe away his hangovers, keep him on the (relatively) straight and narrow and then deliver him home to his family and future trouble and strife in one piece. Easy!

So what are the top 10 stag do ideas – Top of the Pops? Since the answer will be different for each stag do destination, we have chosen Krakow as one of the most popular destinations on the stag map. This fine and friendly city offers a great deal of things to do but experience has shown us that the most popular activity-based Poland stag do parties include at least one of these ideas.

1. Partybus– a truly memorable Krakow stag party jaunt is either an airport collection with city tour or 90mins hour city tour in the unique ultimate party bus. Up to 32 people can travel in true limousine style whilst necking into bubbly, beer or vodka to great (3000w) music and the attention of one, two, three or more gorgeous strippers. Lounging around on the leather trimmed sofas, lapping up these luxuries is an unforgettable experience. You can also arrange for a “surprise”, like a police woman to board the bus during the drive, book the bewildered bandit stag and then show him and his mates what nature meant them to see!

Partybus Krakow

2. Microbrewery dinner– so what about dinner in a place where you serve your own beer? This is a great stag do idea that takes place in Krakow’s very own microbrewery. The beers are fresh and lively and served in 5 ltr tabletop “giraffes” from which the lads help themselves through taps in the base. The food is really great and could have been designed to keep a hard partying group on the go.

brewery dinner krakow

3. Air Soft Guns – and here’s a relatively new stag party idea. ASG, or Air Soft Gun, is a game for big boys playing with big toys! It looks a bit like paintball which many people expect it to supplant in terms of popularity. You indulge in different battle scenarios in teams which shoot the crap out of each other using exact replicas of such guns as AK47 and M-16 with plastic balls that sting a little. And each player gets a smoke grenade with which to blow things out of proportion. Great practice for the forthcoming war between the groom and his in laws!

4. Shooting range – here’s the chance to do something really macho that the granny laws in the UK forbid! The AK47 and Uzi machine pistol are icons throughout the world and real adrenalin boosters. This is a Krakow stag do idea that appeals to those who want to try the real thing and to hell with the noise, the kick back and the hangover! There are many expert companies which can book your Krakow shooting range tour – one of them is https://partykrakow.co.uk/krakow-stag-do-activities/ak-47-kalashnikov-shooting-in-krakow-standard-package


5. White water rafting – a breath taking way of clearing away the cobwebs is to get yourselves into some white water and raft away for a couple of hours. You can do this either as a day out on the wonderful Dunajec river or locally at the Olympic centre. Either way this is a thrills and spills occasion and the chances are you’ll get a free bath at the same time. Not many Krakow stag do activities look after your personal hygiene so this should go down well with the girls back at home !


6. Krakow pub crawl – as they are a great introduction to visiting Krakow’s best drinking parlours. The many local breweries provide an excellent choice of beers and ales as well as non-Polish and mainstream brands, a guided pub crawl is the best way to appreciate Krakow’s unusual cellar and garden bars on the first night to set you up for the rest of your stay. Experienced guides will entertain you with drinking games, Karaoke and recommend the best drinks to try on your travels. Also included in some pub crawls entry to some of Krakow’s hottest dance clubs. A must take for Krakow stag do groups, but also individuals wishing to explore Krakow nightlife properly !


7. Vodka Tasting – when in country which invented vodka, this activity is a must. It’s like visiting Scotland without giving a try to a proper Scotch Whisky tasting ! Obviously you can buy the vodka in a shop, or visit “a bar” and buy a couple of rounds, but that’s not a proper tasting. Our advice is to get a tour with a local guide or book a vodka tasting activity – not only will they give you expert and fun lecture on vodka’s origins and production process, but you will also have a chance to try some truly remarkable Polish vodkas

9. Wieliczka Salt Mine – This particular mine has over one million visitors a year. Once again a morning departure is advised to see everything properly. Although you can also hire the underground caverns for celebration parties and even sleep there. There are 2 types of tours on offer, the Tourist or The Miner Tour, on this one you are dressed and equipped as a miner then you begin the descent into the mine with its underground lakes and grottos with sculptures and recreations of how salt was mined through the ages. Salt played a very important part in daily life in bygone times, used as currency or to help make food last longer for example. The highlight of the tour is St. Kinga’s Chapel, everything you see, touch or stand on is or was carved from rock salt, even Da Vinci’s Last Supper is reproduced but totally carved in rock salt. The 5D interactive museum room is a truly magic experience. Only 2% of the mine is open to the public but you will have to walk a minimum of 4km viewing it. The mine reaches a depth of 327m but visitors do not go below 135m. One interesting fact, the Graduation Tower at the mine is a health spa in the sense that spending some time in it the air is purified by the salt and aids people with breathing problems or allergies. There is a lot to be said for salt!


9. Zakopane trip – a day out to, Poland’s favourite place to be whether in summer or winter and it is the most popular place to get married for Polish couples. Zakopane if you have time to visit is a 90 minute journey each way high up in the mountains, the Tatra Mountains very close to Slovakia. The centre of Goral culture and winter capital of Poland. There are many ski and snowboarding resorts plus health spas and snowmobiling companies. The famous smoked cheese from Zakopane called oscypek is sold all over Poland. This bijoux of a town receives over 2,500,000 visitors a year but only has a population of 27,000! The town is a 1,000m above sea-level and the health resorts are always full with all this good, fresh and clean air, you can relax and rejuvenate. Take a hike in the Tatra National Park or a swim in the Morskie Oko mountain lake, nature at it’s best. In the winter snow activities are full on and the national sport of ski jumping is not to be missed. A little further on is the Pieniny National Park and the Pieniny Mountain range with the Dunajec River running through them.


10. Auschwitz Birkenau tour– it’s best to arrange a visit via an agency or dedicated company with a morning departure too. Oświęcim which is the Polish name for this city was the chosen place for a concentration camp to hold, originally, Russian prisoners of war. Approximately 10,000 soldiers were interned there and not very many survived. Later, the camps were used for holding Jewish, Roma and anyone else not to the liking of the Nazi regime. Today, the Auschwitz/Birkenau Memorial is a World Heritage Site and is a stark reminder of the horrific crimes committed there for all humanity to reflect upon.