In the last couple of years, the coworking scene has exploded in the UK. This increase can be attributed to the rising rents in some of the country’s more metropolitan areas and news of the exit from the European Union. By 2018, coworking somewhat stabilised and the growth of spaces around the country comfortably met the demands of the professional population.

For professionals looking for workspace, you are likely to encounter a variety of spaces offering all sorts of goodies. Today’s coworking space is all about providing businesses with the extras that make the space comfortable, but ultimately basic amenities that can provide a small business with the tools to work efficiently and productivity are the gems to look for in a coworking space. Before professionals choose from premium coworking space locations across the UK, getting a sense of the coworking climate can help them avoid the pitfalls that go along with finding appropriate office space.

Continue reading to learn about what you should know before joining a premium coworking space in the UK.

Key Factor Influencing Coworking

One of the key factors that has been a major catalyst for the burgeoning coworking scene is the number of start-ups that are on the scene. The major event behind this is the UK’s exit from the European Union, which has created a surge in the number start-ups. As a result, a lot of funding will leave London, and the country as a whole will lose it standing in the European market. However, out of adversity, industry always rises. The number of start-ups and freelancers that see opportunity in a bear economy have been the impetus behind this growth in both independent work and the coworking space.

The Presence of Coworking Chains And Niche Spaces

Larger coworking chains are also becoming popular in and around the country. A few of the reasons relate to the fact that larger chain operations offer businesses a standard array of options with some providing businesses with concierge services. These spaces tend to also provide professionals with office space in other locations around the country, and depending on the fit out, around the world.

Britons will be surprised to find that many of these spaces are also niche spaces. Incidentally, niche spaces are those that cater to a particular group or mission, for example, female-only spaces and eco-friendly spaces. Almost a third of the spaces in the country are niche spaces, which provide businesses with a little more diversity.

Coworking Profiles

The coworking space has traditionally worked with start-ups simply because it provides new businesses with easily accessible tools to work.  While the start-up has been the primary beneficiary of coworking, other businesses have found the space very flexible. SMEs and larger businesses are increasingly becoming the focus of many spaces who see this population as one that potentially could be served by the coworking space.

What To Expect

Businesses looking for coworking spaces in the country will find that the leasing is very flexible for most budgets. The leases are typically shorter with some being month-to-month and are scalable, so let’s say your business grows, you can easily move into a private office or virtual office if the serviced office provider has a plan. These leases are transferable in some cases. Typically, you would see this with the chain coworking spaces.

Premium Coworking In The UK

Britons looking for coworking spaces in this climate will find that there is something for everyone. Small business and large ones can find spaces that are very general or cater to a particular niche of coworking professional. In either case, coworking space providers in the UK are in the middle of another transition as the startup industry becomes the catalyst for industry and the funky little enclaves become the support for this industry.