5 Must-Have Features of a High-Quality Steamroller Pipe

If you’re looking for intense hits, look no further than a steamroller pipe. These pipes are simple: load up your bowl and draw smoke through one end while covering it with your hand or fingers until the chamber is full, then release and inhale.

These powerful pipes are easy to clean and come in various materials. They are typically recommended for advanced smokers due to their harshness.


A high-quality steamroller pipe should be able to hold up against some punishment so long as it is not abused. You wouldn’t want to beat a silicone pipe with a hammer, but dropping it on the floor or accidentally throwing it against the wall should not cause any damage. Fortunately, many great glass and silicone options can take the beating.

Despite their unusual appearance, steamroller pipes have become a solid choice for smoking. While they may not be the best option for beginners because of their harsh hits, their time-honored design and bountiful hits make them a fan favorite in the 420 community.

You can find a steamroller in every shape and size depending on your preferences and smoking habits. The most popular types include:


A steamroller pipe is a powerful yet versatile piece that has earned itself a place in many smokers’ arsenals. These devices are renowned for their huge hits and almost instantaneous highs. They also can hold the smoke in their chamber until you’re ready to inhale it. This feature sets them apart from standard pipes, making them an essential component of any serious smoker’s collection.

A high-quality steamroller will be crafted from reliable materials, often including durable borosilicate glass. It will also have features that make it easy to use and maintain, like a carb hole that is large enough to allow for an intense hit but not so big as to become difficult to control.

Using a steamroller, light the bowl and position your hand over one end. Once you feel that the carb has filled the chamber, remove your hand and inhale. While it may seem complicated initially, once you’ve mastered the technique, you can enjoy these massive hits and relax quickly.


A steamroller pipe is a popular hand-held smoking device that delivers powerful hits. The pipe is usually made of glass and comes in various colors and designs. Some are intricately adorned and even glow-in-the-dark. They are also easy to clean.

A typical steamroller pipe is a long, straight tube that’s open on both ends. It has a bowl on one end or sometimes nothing more than a small indentation for one hit. To use a steamroller, inhale your hand or finger over the carburetor hole. The carb will block the airflow until it is full, then the user can release their hand to clear the pipe and take a massive hit.

Steamrollers are more suited for experienced smokers because they deliver harsh, intense hits that can overwhelm first-time users. For this reason, beginners might prefer a different type of hand pipe, like a spoon or bubbler. Nonetheless, a quality steamroller pipe can be an excellent addition to any smoker’s collection. It is important to choose a quality pipe so you can enjoy it for years.


Steamroller pipes are one of the easiest smoking devices to clean. They feature wide-open holes at each end, allowing you to remove tar or residue easily. In contrast, traditional pipes require navigating nooks and crannies to clean them fully.

The length of a steamroller pipe also helps to cool the smoke before it enters the lungs, which reduces the harshness of a hit. Additionally, many steamroller pipes come equipped with a glass nail for dabbing. This feature is particularly useful for users who enjoy smoking and dabbing, as it allows them to switch between the two at will.

The best steamroller pipes are available in various shapes and sizes, from simple to intricately adorned and even glow-in-the-dark. However, it’s important to note that steamroller pipes can be difficult for beginners to master, and it may be preferable for newcomers to work their way up to using this type of smoking device with the help of a seasoned smoker. In addition, some larger-sized steamrollers are more likely to break than smaller ones.


Choosing the right pipe for your smoking needs should always be a top priority. It would help if you had a line that would fit your needs and aesthetics and be easy to clean after every use. If you don’t regularly clean your pipes, they will accumulate tar and resin over time, affecting the quality of your hits. The best solution is to choose a simple design that will not trap tar and is easy to clean. This type of pipe is called a steamroller.

Steamrollers are the rough-and-ready powerhouses of the pipe world. They are famous for their intense hits that can be harsh on the throat and lungs. While they may not be ideal for beginners, those who can handle a bit of harshness will find that a steamroller delivers a bountiful high with each hit.

Typically long and cylindrical, these pipes can be made from glass, silicone or wood. They can be intricately adorned with leaves, shrubs, butterflies or glow-in-the-dark. There are many different styles of steamroller pipes available, so you can choose the one that is perfect for you.