You will come across several homes in your locality that will have their personal swimming pool. Although it provides a lovely spot within your property where you can sit back and relax to rejuvenate your mind and soul, it is also true that with pets and kids at home, swimming pools can pose a major threat. Thus, the best safety measure to adopt is to install a proper fencing system all around the pool.

There are different fencing systems that can be use around your swimming pool. Some go for wooden fences and some opt for metaling ones. Although these do provide a level of security and privacy for those inside a pool, the best option is to go for glass fencing. These tend to make your property look bigger in size and are extremely safe and secure, unlike what many tend to believe.

Types of Glass Fence Installation Techniques

When you talk about installing a glass fence all around your swimming pool, the first thought that may come across your mind is about the safety feature. Unlike popular beliefs, glass fences are quite safe and secure and do not break that easily. When it comes to the installation part, glass fences can be installed in two basic ways.

  • Surface Mount Installation: In this method of installing Sorrento Glass fences, surface mount clamps are secured on the ground with the help of expansion anchors. However, it is best for concrete or tiled flooring. If it is a wooden flooring, then lag screws need to be used to secure the surface mount clamps onto the ground.
  • Core Mount Installation: When it comes to opting for the core mount installation technique, it can basically be performed in 1 separate ways. Firstly, it can be done by drilling holes in an existing concrete surface and securing the clamps in place with the help of grout. Secondly, the other method is by embedding the clamps in freshly made concrete flooring.

Tips for a Successful Installation of a Glass Fence

When you need to install glass fences all around your pool, mishaps may take place if you are not careful enough. Here are some tips for you to keep in mind while installing a glass fence all around your personal swimming pool.

  • It is very important that you handle the glass with utmost attention and care. Always make sure that the glass panels are lifted and stored in an upright position and in dry conditions.
  • When you decide to install glass fences in your property, always make sure to wear protective clothing that includes safety glasses, gloves, and steel-toed boots.
  • Always remember to position the clamps in a straight line while installing. If not then you will not be able to install the glass properly.
  • Make sure to use timber wedges and a level that will help you ensure that the clamps are totally vertical.
  • If the surface of the ground is grass, pavers, or dirt over compressed sand, you will have to pour in a concrete footer to add some stability.