Home Improvement

Every once in a while, something breaks down in the house that needs repairs, and they can be either large repairs or something small. Plumbing problems can be a nightmare, like a sink clogging, the faucet leaking, a pipe leaking or broken and it can be a stressful situation for most people. Some people get to have plumbers once in three years while others see them almost five times a year, and it all depends on how well you can fix your problems.

Some repairs need to be done by a professional plumber, but there are some repairs you can DIY. For instance:

1. Repair a kitchen faucet

This is probably one of the most common problems with plumbing in any given household, a leaky kitchen sink. All you need to carry out a faucet repair in your kitchen is a wrench to loosen and tighten bolts where appropriate. There are many tutorials online about how to go about it, so it should not be difficult to take care of that without breaking a sweat or your bank account hiring a professional plumber, though if you do make it worse professional help is advisable.

2. Repairing a constantly running toilet

Sometimes something breaks inside the toilet that makes water continuously running through it which would lead to wastage and the annoyance of constant running water into the toilet. The good news about this plumbing problem is that the tenant can repair at least 85% of them; you need to check for blockage or leaks on the fill tube, adjust the fill height, modify the flash handle and finally replace the flapper. All you need is a nice pair of gloves and cutting pliers to save yourself excessive water bills and the cost of a plumber.

3. Unclogging the bathtub drain

If you have a bathtub in your house and often enjoy a good soak after a long day, it is very likely to clog up once in a while with hair and dirt. All you need is to remove the stopper that prevents water from flowing out during a soak and clean out the dirt that is there, clean the drain very well and replace the stopper. However, different tubs have different stoppers so you will need to be careful with how you handle yours, it could be a cap off instead of a levered one, so take care not to yank and ruin it altogether. You will need to replace it and pay for a plumber to fix the problem for you if you do.

4. Repairing a water heater

Waking up on a cold morning to a freezing shower is no joke, and more often than not it is usually due to a problem with the water heater that can easily be fixed. Check whether the problem is with the temperature or pressure valve; if water leaks out of it then it is a defective valve that needs replacement, and all you need is an adjustable wrench to work the faucet.


A lot of plumbing problems occur in the house from leaky faucets, clogged sinks and toilets, leaking pipes, faulty valves and so on. Most of these need easy repairs that you can do by yourself following tutorials on the internet and simple tools in under an hour or two and save yourself a lot of money.