Reasons to Routinely Clean Your Roof

There is nothing quite like a beautiful, clean tile roof. Not only does a clean roof look great, but it can also add to the property’s curb appeal. However, not all homeowners understand the importance of regularly cleaning their roofs. Not only does a dirty roof look bad, but it can damage the roof and even void the warranty.

Increases the Home’s Value

You can raise the exterior appeal of your house overall by having your roof cleaned. It is important because potential buyers will pay attention to your home’s exterior and want to ensure it is in good condition. A dirty roof can scare off potential buyers, even if the top is in good condition. A professional cleaning can help you get a higher sales price and sell your house faster.

Moisture buildup on your roof can cause rot and other structural issues. If left untreated, moisture can damage your shingles and increase energy bills. To avoid these issues, have roof cleaning companies clean and dry out your roof. A clean roof can enhance your home’s curb appeal and appearance. It can help you get a better sales price if you plan to sell your house or want to increase its value.

Increases the Home’s Safety

While it might seem simple to clean your roof, a pressure washing service should only be done by a professional. Walking on a roof with algae, moss, or dirt can cause you to slip and fall off the structure. Additionally, dirt and debris can clog gutters and downspouts, preventing water from draining correctly and causing leaks in your home. Algae growth and moss on a roof aren’t just an aesthetic issue, as they can destroy the protective layers of roofing materials. They also feed off the limestone and asphalt in shingles, causing them to break down faster.

Additionally, moss can cause shingles to separate from the roof deck, leaving them vulnerable to moisture damage and rot. It can lead to costly leaks in your home. Having your roof cleaned regularly helps to prevent these issues. Getting your roof cleaned before you host any outdoor parties or events is also a good idea, as this will help reduce the number of allergy-triggering particles in the air.

Increases the Home’s Appearance

When it comes to home maintenance, the roof may not be the first thing homeowners think of. However, a dirty roof can make the entire exterior of a home look run down and detract from its overall curb appeal. A clean top is essential for enhancing the beauty of a home’s exterior and increasing its value. Real estate professionals often advise clients to have their roofs professionally cleaned before listing their homes for sale to ensure they look attractive and in good condition.

Fungus, algae, and moss can damage roofing materials and lead to premature deterioration. The spores of these organisms can cause stains and eat away at the surfaces of shingles, causing them to curl and become loose. Regular cleaning can prevent these organisms’ growth and prolong your roof’s life. A clean roof also allows you to perform an accurate visual inspection to determine if any areas need repair.

Extends the Life of the Roof

The roof is one of the most important parts of a home because it protects everything and everyone inside. Many people think they need to replace their roofs because of damage and stains, but they may be able to extend the life of their roofs by having them cleaned. A dark roof surface created by moss, algae and mold absorbs more heat than a clean roof.

This heat is then radiated down into the attic and causes your air conditioning system to work harder to keep your home cool. Regularly cleaning your roof can eliminate this problem and significantly reduce energy costs. Moss and algae eat away at the shingles and can cause them to break down, which can lead to shingle loss during a storm or strong wind. Regular cleaning can delay this and increase the life of your roof. Your investment in your roof’s cleaning will pay for itself many times over by preventing costly problems.