Rustic Luxe: Finding the Ideal Cabin Rental for Your Retreat

Move over wabi-sabi; a new interior design trend in town is a rustic luxury. This fresh and unique style celebrates the beauty of imperfections while adding touches of refined charm.

The result is a down-to-earth yet luxurious aesthetic that’s comfortable and inviting. Learn how to incorporate this style into your cabin rental and create the ideal retreat for your guests.

Color Palettes

Vacation rentals like Beavers Bend Lodging are an excellent option for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Your cabin rental can feel cozy and welcoming with the right color palette.

When choosing paint colors for a log cabin, it’s essential to consider the surrounding natural environment and the rustic mountain aesthetic. Using a color palette that captures the beauty of nature will help create a more enchanting experience for your guests.

A popular choice for cabin colors is the analogous color scheme, which uses colors from both sides of the color wheel. This color scheme offers a balance of contrast without overstimulation.

Another option for cabin color palettes is the thematic color scheme, which takes inspiration from a particular theme or concept. Theme-inspired color schemes can be a great way to highlight your cabin’s unique features and amenities. For example, Wishes and Dreams Villa uses a vibrant fusion of orange and turquoise across its website to showcase its family-friendly location.

Furniture & Materials

Whether your cabin rental is rustic or luxurious, choosing durable furniture and materials that can withstand frequent use is essential. Consider your target audience, location, and other factors to help you select the best furniture and materials for your cabin retreat. For example, if you’re in a warm climate, it’s best to avoid leather because people can easily ruin it by sitting on it while wearing wet swimwear or shorts.

A cabin can provide a unique experience for your guests that they might not find at a resort or hotel. For instance, you can offer amenities that align with an authentic cabin experience, such as a fireplace, fishing dock, or an outdoor fire pit. You can also provide additional activities that are more appropriate for the location of your cabin, such as sledding in the snow or rowing boats on a lake. This will give your guests a more authentic vacation experience they’ll remember forever.


Rustic Luxe is a popular interior design style that combines rustic elements with high-end luxury details to create warm, sophisticated sanctuaries. While this design style may be less showy than other trends, it’s equally beautiful and evokes the same well-being and relaxation many homeowners seek from their vacation homes.

JELD-WEN’s custom wood windows and doors offer the perfect balance of rustic and luxury, letting you incorporate natural tones and design elements into your cabin rental while introducing sophisticated features like energy-efficient windows and a farmhouse sink. Additionally, by adding modern amenities and outdoor living spaces and offering unique services and experiences, you can elevate your cabin rental and give your guests the best possible retreat experience.

The key to successfully incorporating rustic elements into your cabin rental is embracing imperfections and juxtaposing raw natural materials with refined materials. For example, a marble tabletop perfectly complements a wooden bowl or a metal or iron decor piece. This juxtaposition is what gives Rustic Luxe its signature look and feel.


When creating your cabin’s decor, the proper lighting can add a finishing touch to a space and create a memorable experience for guests. For example, a chandelier with a forest theme can be ideal for a log cabin. Or, traditional rustic sconces can provide a warm glow over a bathroom mirror or kitchen countertop. You can also use a lamp with a wood-burning effect to highlight your favorite photos or artwork, drawing guests into your cabin rental.

Rustic luxury is a popular design style that features the inherent beauty of natural tones and materials while offering comforting, luxurious elements. Pair rustic elements like rough-hewn wood cabinets or a stone accent wall with luxury items such as a plush area rug or velvet drapes to achieve this style. Also, incorporate comfortable fabrics that mix cozy, rustic elements such as chunky knit blankets and faux fur rugs with refined textures like a marble table or crystal chandelier.