New home now. Congratulations. You might be going through a myriad of emotions. In most cases, you should be excited, exhausted, and also anxious. Moving to a new home sounds pretty cool, but hey, there’s still a lot that has to get done before the house becomes a home. Your only hope should be planning and preparation. The two will make the rest of the settling in process smoother. Otherwise, the transitioning becomes hilly. Some of the plans you have to make before you move to the new house. The rest you will execute when you are under the new roof. Well, worry no more. You didn’t come this far to lose it all. Below is a checklist to guide you every step of the way.


Utilities are a vital part of any home. Once you get the confirmation of moving, these should be the first thing that you check. Electricity is an essential need. Most household appliances operate on it, and you will also need lighting to move around. Others include gas and water. If you are moving to long distance, you will have to rely on the internet. Look for the relevant service providers within your new home and ask them to do the necessary. Fortunately, most utility companies are timely, and this can happen within a short period. Do not wait until the last minute. They might have so much on their plate and end up inconveniencing you. Call them now. Notify them when you plan to move and how soon you would want them to do the job.

Change Your Address

As soon as you realize that you are going to move, work on updating your addresses. If you are planning to move out of state, check tips for moving to another state online so that you have a clear idea of changing your address while moving. It is essential as it connects to many aspects of life. All your mail, subscriptions, bank, credit cards, checkbooks, driver’s licenses, and insurance will always need the address. Make a list of the items and change. Updating your address is like changing your life. Failure to do this will result in your magazines being delivered to a state that a thousand miles away. You will be inconveniencing yourself. This aspect is crucial; do not take chances.

TV And Internet

Imagine moving into a new house with no form of entertainment. It would feel like a dead zone, boring. Don’t subject your family to this torture. Get the TV and internet fixed a day or two before your moving day. However, this task requires extra work. Numerous service providers are offering these services. Take time and compare the different packages available. Get an offer that is suitable for everyone, especially if you have kids. When looking at the internet, the connection should be steady since networking is like a basic need. Choose something that is within your budget. The best companies are those who have been in the industry for an extended period.

Keep Important Documents Safe

During your packing spree, you must separate all your items in terms of importance. Some of the crucial things include birth certificates, medical records, insurance policies, and marriage certificates. You can either choose to move with them in your custody or arrange for special delivery. The loss of these items can be the beginning of substantial problems for you. Also, the process of replacing them is quite tedious.


You can never move into a new dirty house. Before the movers get there, ensure you schedule for cleaning. Since you will be far, the only way out is to hire professional cleaners. Although the previous owner might have done the job, the chances are that it wasn’t a perfect job. Look for an affordable crew to get the work done for you. Give them instructions if possible. Otherwise, most of these firms do a thorough job, and you won’t be disappointed. The house should be spotless on your arrival.

Home Improvements

A house is just a house, but everyone would want a personal touch to it. Home improvements are the only way to make the house ideal for your preferences. However, this can only happen once you have already settled in the house. Some of the factors you have to change are plumbing, storage, windows, or doors that don’t lock. You can get rid of unwanted items and upgrade with better pieces. You can also get an interior decor expert to do magic for you.


Unpacking is a tricky job. However, the amount of effort you channel in packing determines if the job becomes a walk in the park or not. Some people prefer to DIY, while others seek professional help. You can agree with your movers to do the work for you. It will cost a few more dollars, but their job will be exceptional. It will save you from having to carry things up and down upon arriving. Therefore, during packing, highlight where every item will go. The unpacking task will be shorter.

With the above checklist, moving to a new house becomes an easy job. Everything will be in place, and you can pick up your life from where you left.