Dance from Around the World

Dance is an exquisite form of art, and it is a means of expressing our true selves. You can have some good time dancing by practicing and show off amazing moves while still exercising. It is a universal language that is dome by all peoples of the world celebrated across all platforms. There are many types of dances out there favorable for every occasion. The dances can range from slow to fast dance, upbeat to soulful.

The following are the most popular dances from around the world;

1. Salsa

Also known as Casino, this dance is originally from Latin America and parts of Africa, but mainly in Cuba. It involves sensuous movements of the hips to the fast and upbeat music. It is described as a powerful, sensual, earthy, and is highly dependent on the concept of feeling the music as you move. It is also highly improvisational, done all around the world and is fun to do.

2. Ballet

This is a highly sophisticated mechanical dance that has its origins in France and Russia. Its influence has spread all over the world that’s why it is a highly respected dance. It requires grace and poise to pull off, and some schools have introduced the dance as part of the mainstream curriculum.

3. Fandango

Fandango is a cultural dance originating from Spain that has sensuous moves that ooze sexuality and raw passion, as well as the music that guides the dance. It is colorful and fabulous to experience in person and to watch.

4. Kabuki Dance

With origins in Japan, this dance is upbeat, bizarre and downright theatrical yet amazing at the same time, with a captivating mix of dance, song and colorful costumes to boot.

5. The Waltz

It is considered one of the most romantic dances to date, the waltz is one of the most elegant ballroom dances that has become somewhat popular throughout the US and Europe, and has been said to be the foundation of modern dance. It is free flowing, easy to learn and all-around fun and entertainment.

6. Raqs Sharqi

Originating from Egypt, this dance is also known as the Egyptian belly dance that was created in ancient Egypt for the enjoyment of kings and royal guests. It is different from other forms of belly dance by the fact that it can be performed by men and children just as well as women can.

7. Yoruba Dance

For the Yoruba people of Nigeria, singing and dancing are as important as food for sustenance, and this is shown through this dance. It is a part of celebrating the people’s happiest moments. The dressing code includes colorful costumes that make the dance enchanting hence you can have fun to watch.

8. The celestial dance of Cambodia

It is a dance that exudes charm, charisma, grace, and poise. This dance has a rare form of purity that casts some sort of a spell over you. The celestial dance can make you experience the grace and beauty exhibited by a single form of dance.


The world of dance is vast, and there is so much culture to explore from traditional to contemporary forms. Once you have mastered the basics of dancing, whichever dance style you choose can improve your life in many ways you can imagine.