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Many of us are using the instagram and have an account there. After posting something or share picture, there are so many boys and girls who want lots of likes and followers as well. They did not know how to bring these followers and likes instantly on their profile. For free Instagram followers one can follow up some ways or steps to lead it or can seek the help of some apps who increase it immediately. 

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5 Best Tricks To Follow Up For Followers

Most of times, people take the help of some renown apps, which offer them, lots of likes and followers instantly. However, if you want without taking the help of the any apps and you want to increase the numbers then you will have to follow some tricks every day. These tricks will provide you the result as well. Let us have a brief note on it.

1. Do Cross Posts

In the recent few updates of instagram, the app offers its all users to cross post option. This cross post option helps the users to share their pictures, video and any other things on other social media platforms as well at the same time. It will be seen in different types of other social media apps like facebook, whatsapp and twitter. Hence, try to use this option to engage more audiences to your posts and get the likes and followers as well. 

2. Engage The Fans

Always try to hold the attention of the followers by interesting posts like videos, live videos, pictures and short stories as well. The more one will able to engage the fans through the interesting posts the more the number of likes will increase even the followers as well. 

3. Maintain A Particular Time

Besides that, try to maintain a particular time of posting videos and pictures on your profile, so that, the fans get the idea when you are posting, how many posts you are doing in a day. Through this trick, it is much possible to get some more followers as well and with the followers the likes even too. 

4. Use Hash Tags

Do not forget to use the hash tags on your post. Without it, your post will not able to reach to the maximum numbers of people. Hence, make sure you are using the hash tags all the times. 

6. Collaborate With Others

Try to collaborate with the fans or other instagram users as well. it is really a beautiful trick which can surely offer you lots of followers and likes permanently on your posts and to your account as well. Thus, collaborating is an important trick. 


All these tricks are very beneficial; you can use all these tricks or can use every one of them one by one to increase followers and likes.