How Boat and RV Storage Services Can Protect Your Investment

Boat and RV storage has become a popular investment for consumers looking to free up space in their yards or garages while protecting their assets from deterioration. Despite the higher cost of these services, they are well worth it for many homeowners and renters.

Facility owners can increase rental rates by providing income-producing supplementary services such as dump stations, wash stations, and in-house convenience stores. These amenities help create loyal and repeat customers.


Owners of boats and RVs have unique needs that require a particular niche in the self-storage industry. This market sector demands sophisticated security features, exceptional amenities, and a convenient customer experience.

Previously, most boat and RV owners would store their vehicles in driveways or on the street, but strict HOA rules and the increased value of these toys have prompted many to look for alternative storage options. Competent storage operators meet this need by offering various boat and RV storage options.

The best specialty operations design their sites to make entering and exiting their facilities convenient. For instance, they use intelligent entry systems that allow tenants to open the gate without getting out of their vehicles. This eliminates the need to punch in codes and race against time while reducing the risk of damage at the gate.


Storing boats and RVs in a secure facility protects them from theft, weather damage, and tear, which can reduce their resale value. It also saves owners from costly parking fees and violations when they can’t store their vehicles on their property.

Many communities have restrictions on storing these large vehicles in streets or driveways. This provides an excellent opportunity for storage operators to offer boat/RV storage.

Typical facilities that serve boat/RV customers often feature a range of unit sizes to accommodate different types of vehicles. They may also include climate control to protect these vehicles from extreme temperatures.

Fully enclosed spaces secured with doors are typically the most expensive but offer these valuable vehicles the most peace of mind. Physical barriers are the best deterrent against break-ins and vandalism.


Boat and RV owners consider their vehicles prized possessions that give them a welcome escape from the stress of daily life. They often spend a premium to secure these vehicles with highly-priced storage facilities that provide sophisticated security measures and unique amenities.

Because of their large size, specialized storage sites require more land than traditional self-storage projects. This requires a site design and construction process that ensures tenants have seamless access to their vehicles, trailers, and boats safely.

This means deploying advanced digital automation that gives them the ease of use and security they desire when parking their vehicles on-site. It also helps them avoid unwanted contact with entry and exit points that can lead to scratches or unintended damage as they move in and out of their vehicle.


As the economy improves, more are purchasing recreational vehicles and boats. Many homeowners associations forbid them from storing their toys in their driveways, prompting owners to seek storage facilities that offer safe and secure parking.

When looking for boat and rv storage Middleburg FL, consider online account management and the ability to book reservations. A reputable storage operator should also prevent pest infestations that could damage stored vehicles.

Another popular ancillary offering is vehicle-prep services. These help customers maximize their time on the water or their travels, so tenants are more likely to use their boat or RV again. These offerings might also increase a storage facility’s marketing radius. However, this will depend on the customers a storage provider attracts.


Parking boats or RVs near homes can result in parking fees, fines, and deterioration, so investing in a secure storage facility makes sense. Tenants tend to be long-term, and facility owners can capitalize on this demand with income-producing ancillary services like dump stations, RV/boat wash stations, and in-house convenience stores.

Specialized boat and RV storage typically has lower delinquency rates than traditional self-storage. This segment offers significant growth potential and can charge premium rates that reflect higher asset values.

The best way to grow a specialized boat and RV storage business is with a solid business plan. This will help you to raise funding if needed, as well as identify growth opportunities. It also serves as a tool to communicate your business goals to potential investors.