Chances are, you’ve heard of the paleo diet. Maybe you’ve done some research since reading Jimmy’s experience, or maybe a friend or family member has had excellent results, and you’re wondering if that would work for you. You can lose weight by following this paleo food list.

I think that one version of the paleo diet is suitable for almost everyone, but there are groups of people who will benefit the most. If you belong to any of the following categories, it means you. 

Low battery

Eating Paleo helps with low/erratic energy in two ways: it eliminates grains, sugars, and processed foods, and it stabilizes blood sugar, which balances energy and hormones. Additionally, many low-energy people struggle with hidden food intolerances.

When you eat foods that your body is intolerant of, your body recognizes those foods (mainly gluten, dairy, corn, and soy) as foreign invaders and attacks them in the same way it would attack a virus. This is the root of many problems, one of which is low power consumption.

Digestive issues

The # 1 selling over-the-counter drug in the United States? Antacids We have been taught that when our body experiences a symptom after eating, such as belching, cracking, acid reflux, bloating, and stomach pain, it is a “normal” response to food, and we should take a pill to relieve the symptoms.

When your digestion is working, and you eat foods that are good for your body, you shouldn’t notice any side effects other than having more energy after a meal. This contrasts with the feeling of being hit by a truck that many people experience daily after eating. The Paleo diet eliminates foods that cause digestive problems in most people.


Your gut, brain, and skin are inextricably linked. Emotional stress has been shown to make acne worse, and gut bacteria have been shown to affect your emotions. The intestinal microflora also affects the skin more directly, as signals from these intestinal microorganisms are sent throughout the body and interact with the organisms in the skin and intestinal lining. 


Good fat doesn’t make you fat, and not all calories are created the same way—the fructose and carbohydrates in your diet cause excess body fat, obesity, and related health problems.

Eating paleo eliminates pimples, which significantly reduces your fructose intake. Also, obesity is linked with chronic inflammation, so when you eliminate toxic and inflammatory foods from your body, you can start to heal and lose weight naturally.

For weight loss, you may like to follow candida diet.

Heart disease

The high fat paleo diet can be very useful in lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides; it is more effective than statins. It’s not uncommon for people to see a 30-point drop in cholesterol in just two weeks of eating paleo!


With type 2 diabetes, your body becomes unresponsive to insulin, the hormone that pulls glucose from the bloodstream and releases it into your cells. Since the paleo diet eliminates refined sugar and grains but includes lots of healthy fats and proteins, meals are very satisfying and balance your blood sugar, leaving you less hungry and less craving.