Magical Fun

Throughout the show, the sisters face increasingly challenging obstacles related to magical beings and creatures. In addition to the magical themes, there is also a family drama, friendship, and plenty of edge-of-your-seat action. The audience is tuned in every week to also see what the star-studded cast was wearing. Charmed became a cultural icon as much for the magical suspense as for the fashion trends.

The Writing 

The writing of the show is what gave Charmed its mass appeal. People of all ages and demographics tuned in each week to see what new suspenseful plots were awaiting them. The writers made sure to create suspense and leave viewers wanting more so they would tune in for the next episode. Although the writing was a big factor in its popularity, the crew behind the scenes also helped make the show what it was. For example, showrunner Brad Kern was credited by many for playing an integral role.

Over the course of the show, the writers go through a few curve balls. One of which was the addition of another sister, played by Rose McGowan. The cast initially featured top celebrities to give it mass appeal. They eventually began writing about the relationship between the sisters, which became strained at times. In certain episodes, specific sisters weren’t featured or were only present for a scene or two. However, the writers took care not to alienate viewers and found creative ways to allow for resolutions and feature new upcoming plot twists.

The Fashion 

The show was geared primarily at young adults, but people of all ages tuned in each week to see what the Hallowell sisters were wearing. They also drew inspiration from hairstyles and even makeup and accessories. Charm became well-known as a trendsetter of fashion in the 90s and 2000s. Many popular styles considered iconic from that era hailed from inspiration derived from the show. Anyone wondering what fashions and styles were popular in that era can tune into the show to get an accurate representation. It’s likely more people will become interested in the show due to the Resurgence of 90s fashion trends.


Whether you’ve seen Charmed in the past or you’re just now discovering it, you’ll be in for a treat if you enjoy magical themes and action-packed sequences. Charm can be found on many major streaming platforms and as reruns on network television. Check it out as your new go-to television series.