There are four seasons in the year but for a lot of people, there is no season like summer. This is because summertime offers a lot to almost everyone. There is bright clear weather, beautiful sceneries and a reason to be super fashionable.

Now, following trends might not be everyone’s style but it does have its benefits. No one should be that friend clinging to trends from summers past and hoping others will either not notice or would simply overlook it. Even if you do not make use of all the fashion trends for summer 2018, just try out some.

Here are some of the top 2018 summer fashion trends to totally try out.

Single Shoulder Tops

A variant of this was trendy last year. This variant is the off shoulder top which exposes both shoulders. However, for this summer, tops which cover just one shoulder and leave the other bare are just perfect. If the worry is having bra straps exposed, pair the top with a strapless bra or a convertible bra.

Sea Shell Jewellery

Proper pairing of accessories with clothes takes outfits from fours to perfect tens. This cannot be overemphasized. Try pairing the clothes for this summer with jewellery made from sea shells such as cowry necklaces and bracelets. The outcome is chic.

Matching Sets

One style choice that is difficult to go wrong with is wearing matching sets. Get a trouser or skirt with an accompanying top and rock them together this summer.

Flexible Woven Bags

The trend for last summer was hard, well-structured basket bags. This summer, a variant of it is here. Loosen up a bit and grab these soft net bags. They are still woven like the basket bags from last year but they are softer and more flexible.

Cat-eye Mini Sunglasses

This trend begins with looking for mini sunglasses as opposed to huge ones that block a large part of the face. The next step is find which one is suitable for your face. Cat-eye frames are perfect for every face shape. Also, they are glamorous.


Anklets are perfect subtle attention catchers when worn right. To successfully pull this trend off, ensure that the anklets are the 2018 versions which are delicate, simple and sophisticated. For maximum effect, pair them with dainty shoes that allow the ankles to be seen.


There are people who believe that boots are just meant for keeping warm during winter. However, these cold-weather favourites are also great for summer. The way to pull off wearing boots is by sticking to ankle boots style.

Showy Accessories

This is bold because it includes letting almost everyone you encounter know some, if not all, of the contents of your bag and see your toenails. Use transparent bags and add a lot of colour through the things contained in the bag. Wear shoes or sandals which expose a large part of the feet.

Enjoy these trends and lots of fun in summer 2018.