Promoting Wellness With Children's Health Books

Reading aloud to children promotes a feeling of intimacy and well-being. Even very young babies benefit from the soothing, reassuring connection created by having a loving adult read to them.

Kids discover how their bodies work in concert and what they need to stay healthy. Bright rhymes encourage kids to get lots of exercise and sleep.


Many children think all is good if they’re healthy-looking and doing well in school. This picture book demystifies the concept of body illness and empowers kids to know that their health is in their hands.

This nonfiction book has kid-friendly information about eating right, exercising safely, keeping clean, and getting enough sleep. It also explains how these factors work together to keep the human body functioning at its best.

These childrens health books teach kids that eating new foods is OK if you pass them “orange twiglets, ocean nibbles, and cloud fluff.” It also motivates kids to move their bodies regularly by encouraging them to aim for the colors of the rainbow with each meal.


Getting kids to care for their bodies, understand their emotions and the world around them can be difficult. Books that teach important lessons about health, nutrition, the environment, and being considerate can help.

With kid-friendly language and bright illustrations, this book teaches kids the basics of keeping healthy. From brushing teeth, washing hands, and eating nutritious foods to exercising, being safe, and sleeping, the book covers everything with a positive, encouraging tone.


The health challenges kids face – food allergies, asthma, or diabetes – can bring a lot of stress. But these books can help ease that strain by giving children knowledge and comfort.

Getting enough physical activity is an important part of healthy living. This book inspires kids to move their bodies through a fun, engaging story.

For kids who have anxiety, this book illustrates ways to talk back to the anxiety bully in their heads. It also offers tips for overcoming anxiety in everyday situations.


Educating children about the importance of healthy habits at an early age helps ensure they develop and practice these skills throughout their lives. Children’s health books combine education and entertainment to captivate young readers and inspire healthy habits.

For example, this colorful book about fruits teaches kids that they are delicious and healthy and can be eaten in many ways! It also includes a list of fruit recipes.

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It is easy to take children’s mental health for granted when they seem happy and healthy, but recent events demonstrate the need to nurture their well-being. A healthy diet, exercise, sleep, mindful practices, and open communication contribute to their well-being.

Books are a great tool for teaching these lessons, especially if they spark a love of reading. But a shocking fact is that many children don’t have access to books at home.

Children’s healthcare providers are on the front lines of getting books into children’s hands through programs. They are “prescribing books” and supporting caregivers to read with their children. These positive connections support learning, literacy, and family wellness.