Your exhaust system plays an important role in helping your UTV run. It gets the exhaust fumes out of the engine so that more fuel can be burned to make power. Therefore, upgrading exhaust systems for UTVs can help them to improve performance. They can also improve the riding experience by enhancing sound. However, there are a lot of exhaust options. How can you find the best ones?

Top UTV Exhausts

When you are shopping for UTV parts online, it can be hard to know which you should pick and which you should pass on. An exhaust system is a great upgrade for most vehicles. These are five of the best choices available now:

  • Big Gun EVO Sport Utility Full System: This exhaust system is designed to offer the best performance boost possible. As the name implies, this is about maximum size and exhaust flow.
  • HMF Engineering Performance Series Full System Exhaust: This track-tested system is designed to balance performance with value. It is a great choice for many UTVs.
  • Pro Circuit T-4 Full System: This system is easy to install and comes with strong mounting brackets for extra durability. Like the others, it is aimed at increasing performance.
  • Yoshimura RS-2 Signature Series Full System: You may want to choose this system if you want less noise but more power. It is also CARB compliant.
  • HMF Engineering Blackout Performance Series Full System: This system is designed to better manage heat. This helps boost performance in addition to the benefits of improved exhaust flow.

How To Change Exhaust Systems for a UTV

There are plenty of great reasons to change an exhaust ranging from performance to sound to weight. The good news is that it is relatively easy to do, especially if you aren’t changing the manifold (or headers) connected to the engine.

Some exhaust products are designed as slip-ons. These do not change the full exhaust but can have a helpful impact with very little installation work.

If you are changing the full exhaust, there will be a little more bolting. You will need to lift the UTV on jack stands or a hydraulic lift. Then, simply follow the installation instructions provided (they are a little different for each system and UTV). The most important thing is to have the right tools and follow any torque instructions carefully.

Why You Should Consider Buying UTV Parts Online

You can buy exhaust systems and many other UTV parts from online retailers such as 2Wheel. This is a great way to buy. You get a wider selection than in stores and never have to leave your home. By buying online, you can make sure you get the best tires for side by sides rather than just whatever is in the store. With good shipping options, it is really the better way to shop.

Get a New UTV Exhaust System Today

Get started on your next UTV upgrade project by ordering an exhaust system today. This could help you improve your riding experience significantly. Whether you pick one of the above five options or something else, this is a great DIY project for any UTV owner.