A report from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor found that over 25 million working-age Americans are running or starting new businesses. Whether you’re just embarking on this path or have been an entrepreneur for years, you may want to consider traveling more often.

While working hard is a great way to make buying your dream house among San Diego homes for sale, or anywhere else you have your heart set on, become a reality, occasionally you need a break. You shouldn’t feel guilty about taking time off as traveling can actually help you to achieve your goals faster by preventing burnout and reducing stress.

Here’s why travel is so great for entrepreneurs.

It Can Make You More Creative

Travel, especially when you travel internationally, brings the chance to immerse yourself in new languages, sights, sounds, smells and tastes, sparking different synapses in the brain that help to build new connections and even rewiring. The farther you travel from home, the more creative you might be come, according to a 2009 study.

It Teaches Patience

Accomplishing even simple day-to-day tasks can require a lot more patience when traveling in a new place where most things are done different. But by being outside of your comfort zone you’ll learn to be patient and perhaps learn some new skills along the way, all of which can make you a better entrepreneur.

You May Become a Better Communicator

Communication skills are essential for entrepreneurs. The ability to communicate can make or break you when it comes to pitching your brand, team-building, networking and more. When you travel, you’ll naturally meet a wider range of personalities and come across new social situations, cultures and languages. You’ll have a more heightened awareness that is likely to make you a better communicator as well. The more people you meet the more you’ll be able to communicate and the better you’ll get at doing so.

Travel Opens the Mind

As an entrepreneur, you are your business and there is no one better qualified than you to make decisions about it. You’re the expert – but, that’s also the problem. Being an expert can make you more close-minded in your thinking, which means you’ll be less receptive to new ideas and alternative viewpoints. Travel often forces us to reassess assumptions that we’ve held about different cultures and races. It can help to break down the divide, creating understanding of the problem of stereotypical thinking, which is a big bonus as the best leaders are open minded even in the most challenging circumstances.

You’ll Have More Opportunities to Expand Your Network

Traveling brings opportunities to meet all sorts of unexpected people who can have a profound effect on your business. You never know who you’ll meet on the plane, on the street, while dining out or what have you. Take time to talk to everyone you can, some of the biggest game-changing ideas may come from those you meet while traveling.