Chevy truck

Keep your truck moving forward with the latest oil filters and motor oil. Whether you consistently change your engine oil or you’re not sure the last time it was changed, explore the importance of oil components,  where to recycle motor oil and how to solve problems with old oil filters today. Enjoy efficient maintenance of your favorite truck with a quality oil change and oil filter.

Basic Oil Components

Motor oil is designed to lubricate your engine. All that horsepower from your Chevy C1500 generates a lot of heat and friction, so oil is needed to prevent serious engine damage. Although oil is refined, purified and filtered as it moves throughout your oil system, it eventually breaks down and needs to be replaced. Old oil can clog your oil filter and not properly lubricate your engine.

Additives in your oil allow it to lubricate and clean your engine while it’s running. Additives may change between brands, but purchase the same oil weight as is recommended by the manufacturer. The oil weight describes the temperatures that oil can still efficiently lubricate your engine without becoming too thin or thick. Failure to use the correct oil can cause your engine to overheat due to improper lubrication.

Common Issues With Old Oil Filters

Chevy C1500 oil filters need to be changed with every oil change. One of the most common issues with an old filter is a clog. Contaminants and sludge can stick to the filter media and prevent oil from moving smoothly through it.

Another issue is a stuck filter. A screw-on filter should be installed and uninstalled by hand only. An over-tightened filter can crack and cause an oil leak. If your filter was installed too tightly it may be extremely difficult to remove. Ask an auto store representative about a filter removal tool for an old, stuck filter.

Problems That Arise From Bad Oil Filters

It may be tempted to save money on your next oil change by reusing your oil filter. Unfortunately, this could quickly lead to severe engine damage. It’s never a good idea to keep using the same filter. Here are some problems that arise with a bad oil filter.

First, it can quickly become clogged with all the contaminants of two oil changes. All the contaminants and debris from the first oil change may escape the used filter and reduce the efficiency of your oil.

Inefficient lubrication due to a clogged filter can cause your engine to suffer from reduced performance or overheat and completely cease to function. Pick up an affordable filter and replace it with your oil for efficient maintenance of your truck.

Pick Up Chevy C1500 Oil Components Today

Check out the latest Chevy C1500 auto parts today by shopping online or at your nearest auto parts store. Ask about the best oil filter for your truck and explore ways you can maintain your engine for years to come. From oil filter and engine oil to the latest aftermarket upgrades, choose a reliable auto parts store for peace of mind and great discounts as you shop.