Winter Sports

Winter is rushing in quickly, bringing with it the snow and winds that lock us away into our homes under heated blankets and quilts.  Still, the need to get out and see the world beyond our front door is a strong impulse.  Most of us would agree that Summer is gorgeous: but Winter has some of the most incredible views!  From mountains that will make you fall in love with Banff to fun winter sports, you want to look at Ottawa real estate: Winter shouldn’t be overlooked!

Here are the top ways to enjoy nature once the temperatures start to drop!

Skiing and Snowboarding

This option is the most logical one and feels like an obvious answer.  Skiing and snowboarding allow you to get out into nature and experience it first hand.  You can snowboard through between beautiful trees and gain endless mountain views, or ski down steep slopes and feel your heart rushing wildly as icy views unfold before you.  Sightseeing while enjoying the adrenaline high of sports will enable you to feel more connected to nature and give you a deeper understanding of where you live.

Taking Up A Snowy Mountain Hike

Icy hikes aren’t something inexperienced people should do alone.  You can join tons of walks and groups, so you don’t have to fare the icy views alone.  The beginning of a climb may feel daunting, but as you get higher and the air thins, you gain more of an idea and a broader perspective on life.  Hiking up a mountain in winter is a fantastic way to see where you sit in the world; it will make you feel small and leave you in awe at the natural world around you.  

Resorts and Escapes

Winter sports and relaxation resorts are a must-go business for everyone in winter.  You can enjoy everything from hot springs to skiing and sledding and melt away any anxiety and anger from your workdays.  Don’t let winter drag you back down into seasonal depression: these resorts are a nearly instant source of serotonin and fun that will help you bond with family and loved ones while you get some fresh air.

Another perk for these resorts is that you can enjoy yourself without worrying about your life’s daily struggles at home.  No need to shovel snow or clean the house; sit back and drink some hot chocolate while you consider what fun thing you’ll take part in next.

Lake Ice Skating

There’s nothing like getting to skate somewhere outside.  It feels more like the holidays, it can be a fun date idea, and you can connect with your childhood.  If you’re inexperienced in skating, you can even take lessons year-round to get better at this very national skill.  Depending on your location, ice skating can be accompanied by beautiful city views or gorgeous mountain views.  The nice thing is you can skate alone, or go with as many people as you want.  Just remember to have fun with it!