While it is true that you can ride your bike most of the year, the spring/summer season is when things really kick into high gear. This is when you want to get out as much as possible, enjoying the good weather and getting some fun exercise. Now is the time to look into the best new bikes for summer. To find the right bike for your lifestyle, you want a great fit and a bike that matches the type of riding you will do the most. To begin with, hybrid bikes offer the most in terms of versatility. This is a good choice if you will ride on different surfaces, going from paved roads and bike paths to gravel surfaces on parks. Evryjourney models come in both men’s and women’s designs, offer multiple choices of colors, come in a variety of gear options and provide a choice of fat or regular tires.

The Beauty of a Beach Cruiser

Enjoying your bike near a beach setting is a splendid way to spend part of your summer. A variety of beach cruisers for sale online give you a wide selection of this popular design, in both electric and analog models. These supremely functional and stylish bikes come with many desirable features:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Comfortable seats
  • Streamlined shape
  • Upright handlebars
  • Quality brakes
  • Color options

You can also customize your beach cruiser to build your dream ride for this summer. Get the best rims, handlebar grips, mirrors, lights and water bottles to match your personality and maximize your enjoyment. Not only will your bike be perfectly suited for riding along the boulevard or a lengthy bike path by the beach, but you will also look good and feel great as you feel the warm breeze in your hair. The Around the Block series come in a variety of models that will enhance your riding pleasure.

The Luxury of a Comfort Bike

Summer is no time to endure the pain of a bike that just isn’t right for you. A bad fitting bike or one that is designed without comfort in mind can result in sore shoulders, cramped fingers, aching knees and a painful back. The best women’s comfort bikes eliminate your suffering in a fun and stylish way. The right bike keeps your posture upright as you pedal around a city park or on bike lanes to the beach. The BodyEase models offer stability and comfort while providing you with a choice of teal or navy colors. The hybrid tires deliver a smooth ride and the low step-through frame offers a safe way to get on and off. This style is ideal for a casual ride on paved surfaces. The Evryjourney Casual Edition comes with an integrated lock, basket and wheel-powered light as well as seven gears for smooth riding. In one bike, you get security, safety and comfort, whether you are riding to the store or taking a long excursion on a bike path. Now is the time to look at these excellent options to get the perfect ride for summer.