Disclaimer: I will not talk about why you need a website for your business. I will assume that you already know that it is crucial. If you don’t already know- you are half a decade ago away from reality.

So, today, it is not enough to just have a website-NO! You need a website with a design that catches the attention of the visitors, glues them there and converts them to become a regular user and possibly eventually a client.

First Impression

The first thing everyone notices when they land on your website is not the quality of your products, or the value-laden articles and blogs; it is the web design.

In less than 6 seconds, their brain decides on whether to stay on the site or to go to the next website.

Do you know that if you have great content but crappy web-design while your competitor has average content but awesome web-design and layout, they will have more visitors and traffic than you?

You will have an outstanding high bounce rate. They will also have more conversions than you. Their business will flourish while you will be struggling and scratching your head wondering why your great content isn’t converting visitors.

A great web-design is like having a hotel receptionist that is beautiful, warm and welcoming. They will intrigue you to check out the hotel and even motivate you to revisit the hotel even if their services were not the best ones you’ve ever had.

On the other hand, when you meet an unfriendly receptionist who seems stuck up you will leave the hotel even before ordering any meal. You will not even think of coming back to the hotel ever again. When going out with your friends, you would rather go to the average hotel with a smiling receptionist other than the stuck up guy in the other hotel.

So, What factors should you consider when coming up with your web design?

1.    Your Type of Business

Every niche is different from the other. Engineering sites are designed differently from betting sites. Therefore, understanding your niche is important in identifying how websites in that niche are typically designed.

Familiarity breeds liking according to the Principles of Persuasion by Dr. Robert Cialdini. Therefore, as you design a unique website customized for your site, do not go all crazy and creative with the designs. Study your competitors. Study the general layouts of most websites in your niche. You need to stick to the market standards.

The readers in your niche have visited several other websites before landing on yours. Therefore, they have a pattern of where certain elements are supposed to be on the we-layout. If you go ahead and mix them up, it confuses the visitors and makes them hit the exit button pretty fast.

2.    Your Target Clients

Who are your target clients?

Is it the Millennials or the Baby boomers? Knowing and understanding your ideal clients and readers helps you to predict what are their likes and preferences. This information empowers you to come up with a website that will be incongruent with their likes and preferences.

Is a Good Web-design Enough?

No! No, it is not.

Good design encourages the visitor to take a look around at what you are offering. It is the gate into your store of merchandise.

Now that you have the visitors attention, it is the high time to wow them with content.  So, ensure that the blog content is valuable and helpful to the readers. Also, ensure that your services are on point.

So, if you are ready to use your website to increase your business revenue, you need to be prepared to invest in a good web designer and an excellent content writer.  You do not have to wait up until you start making sales to invest in your business. There are numerous ways you can get loans and invest in the company. Furthermore, the Return On Investment is great.

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Remember, a great web design attracts the visitors; content retains them and converts them to repeat users. So, do not compromise on content just because you have an excellent website.