Finding the perfect gift year after year becomes difficult, especially when your loved ones already seem to have everything! If you’re struggling to think of a present that will make them smile, then read on for some inspiration. 

1. A Home-Made Scrapbook

There’s something beautifully personal about a scrapbook, as it’s a way of showing your loved one just how much they mean to you. Get started on it as early as possible and fill it up with their fondest memories, gifting them something that they can pull out on a dark day and remember all the wonderful times they have had. You don’t have to be particularly arty to make it special, just find an empty scrapbook in an art store and start sticking some photographs with little messages inside. 

2. A Personalized Calendar 

A popular Christmas present for a reason, with New Year coming up, give your loved one a chance to kick it off with a personalized calendar. Use some Vistaprint coupons to get money off and upload the best pictures for each month. Choose any theme you like – their pets, their previous travels, or just a mixture of great memories. 

3. A Hamper

Can’t decide on one gift? Get them multiple! Spoil your loved one rotten by finding a basket and filling it with a bunch of their favorite items. If you have a huge foodie in your life, then fill it with different types of spices, cheeses, and chocolates. For a skin-care lover, hunt around for little bottles of beauty products to create the perfect present for them this Christmas. 

4. A Paint Set

Whether your loved one is an art-lover or not, a paint set is a great gift for anyone. Making art is proven to reduce stress, and you might even contribute to the discovery of hidden talent! It’s perfect for parents, too, as they will then have an extra activity to do with their kids. 

5. A Board Game

What is better than a competitive board game over the festive season? Gift someone you love with a game that comes with hours of fun. Not only will it provide entertainment for them all year round, but it will also give them an extra activity over the Christmas period. Just remember to include stress-relieving candles if you’re giving them monopoly!

6. Comfy Pyjamas 

While PJs and socks were seen as average presents when you were younger, now they are like a gift from the heavens. Give someone the gift of cozy by wrapping up some PJs and comfortable slippers. They’ll probably guess what’s underneath the wrapping paper when they squeeze the squishiness, but that’ll just make them more excited! 

7. An Art Print 

This one is especially great for those who are looking to spruce up their home. If they’re a movie lover, there are plenty of prints to choose from showing the best scenes in cinema. The great thing about art prints is that they come in a wide variety, so you are sure to find one that suits everyone.