Modern Help for Couples: Free Marriage Counseling and Relationship Coaching Apps

No matter how happy you are in your relationship, there comes a time for some improvement—and that’s okay! Whether you need to address issues you’ve been avoiding, or you’re in a new relationship and want to move forward in an intentional way, relationship therapy comes with amazing benefits. 

Thankfully, there is a wide range of options available for couples therapy that don’t involve great expense or inconvenience. While traditional, in-person therapy still exists, it’s not the only option anymore. You have the ability to seek relationship help online or through an app, both of which are convenient, cost-friendly, and easily accessible.

In the past, many people only considered therapy as a last-ditch effort to save the relationship—but not anymore! Today, couples therapy is being recognized as something even happy couples should invest in as a regular part of relationship maintenance.

Here are a few benefits of online therapy and relationship coaching apps:


Online therapy works on your schedule.  There’s no need to worry about commuting or running into people you know in the waiting room. Since it’s in the privacy of your own home, online therapy offers a lot more privacy.

Recently, an even more accessible form of therapy has emerged—relationship coaching apps. What’s more convenient than professional coaching on your phone? The app Relish provides the ability to send messages to a relationship coach any time of day. There’s no scheduling, commuting, or obligation to commit to a certain amount of time per week.


One of the biggest issues with face-to-face therapy has always been the cost. Three or four months of weekly relationship therapy can run around $3200 and often isn’t covered by insurance. If money is a cause of stress in your relationship, then it’s almost impossible to justify this kind of spending on anything, including therapy!

Online therapy makes some improvements on this. While there are some completely free options (online quizzes, articles, etc.), other services have a sliding scale payment structure that’s based on your income level. Still, it ends up being a major investment.

If you and your partner are interested in therapy, but can’t afford the price tag, a relationship app is always a solid choice. Most charge a yearly subscription and are much more affordable than traditional options. The beauty of app technology is it provides different ways to help, from interactive lessons to quizzes and, of course, talking to a real-life relationship coach.

Relish, for example, is $100 for a yearly subscription after the free trial. This is a staggering 3.2% of what you’d pay for traditional counseling! You’re receiving much of the same content without paying an arm and a leg, such as lessons on conflict resolution and communication, help with intimacy and sex, emotional support from a coach, and a space to reflect and share your thoughts with your partner.


Maybe you want to focus on recent arguments, but your partner wants to focus on moving forward. While your differences are often what makes your relationship work, it can be difficult to make traditional therapy work if you’re on two different pages about how to approach it.

A huge benefit of relationship apps is you can navigate them however you choose! Maybe one week you focus on the interactive lessons, and the next you take more time to speak with your relationship coach. No matter how you prefer to learn and grow, there’s no wrong way to use the app.


Traditional, in-person therapy is often about the therapist-couple relationship. Couples will work on establishing trust with their therapist so that they feel comfortable opening up about difficult and intimate parts of their relationship, which can take time. 

On the other hand, relationship apps like Relish focus more on your wants and needs as a couple and less on the relationship with your therapist. The onboarding process reveals significant insight into your relationship style and what your problem areas are. Once you sign up, you’re immediately given helpful lessons, quizzes, and insights specifically tailored for you and your partner. Trained coaches are available every step of the way, but only when you decide to reach out.

No matter which type of relationship help you choose, it’s worth exploring all of your options. Couples therapy is no longer considered “taboo,” and taking the time to learn more about it is the first step towards a happier, healthier relationship!