Things to Think About Before Selecting a Virtual Piano Instructor

Virtual piano lessons are an excellent option for people who want to learn the piano but can’t find a teacher nearby. It saves time from driving and makes it easier to work around a busy schedule.

However, online piano lessons have challenges, such as audio lag and video quality. This article will cover tips to help you choose a great virtual piano instructor.


Virtual piano lessons are a relatively new way of learning the instrument, so many people may need to be convinced about their effectiveness. However, studies have shown that students can make as much progress online as in person.

The student and teacher communicate through video conferencing software during a private online lesson. This allows the teacher to see the student’s posture and fingerings and hear them play. The teacher can also provide feedback on the student’s performance, helping them to improve.

Another advantage of these lessons is that they can be done at home. Students do not have to worry about transportation or weather conditions. However, they should ensure that their internet connection is strong and that any devices that use data are turned off during the lesson. Additionally, they should have a good light source and a keyboard rather than an acoustic piano because the sound can be distorted over the internet.


In a world where families are used to ordering pizza on a website or shopping online, finding the right teacher for your child’s music lessons can be challenging. If you decide that online learning is the correct route for your family, finding an instructor with a solid reputation is essential.

You can research a potential teacher’s reputation by searching for their name on review websites and checking out the quality of their work. A reputable virtual piano instructor will be well-organized and provide explicit instruction. In addition, they will have a high-quality camera that provides a clear view of the piano and students.

It is also essential to have a reliable internet connection that can support video calls. Nothing is worse than having your lesson interrupted by a lag in the audio. A good microphone can help the teacher hear students play and evaluate their progress.


The price range for online piano lessons can vary widely based on the teacher. For example, a famous music teacher in high demand may be more expensive than a local instructor.

Another thing to remember is that the student must pay for the equipment necessary to conduct the lesson. This includes a laptop or computer with audio capabilities and a camera representing the student and the teacher.

Some programs like Forbes Music Company allow students to submit practice videos and receive instant feedback from real teachers. These can be an excellent option for aspiring pianists with limited time and want to make progress. However, they can still be a costly venture. So, the student needs to weigh these options carefully. The most important consideration is whether they can commit to the required time. If not, they should consider finding a more traditional music teacher.


Virtual piano lessons are convenient for busy students who cannot physically meet a teacher. They can save time by not traveling to and from a class saving money on gas and other car-related costs.

In addition, virtual lessons allow a teacher to see the student play, which is critical for learning proper technique. This is only possible with online video lessons or written tutorials that offer interactivity.

In addition, a virtual teacher can send homework for the students to practice, giving them a reason to keep practicing between lessons. This is important for students, especially adults who have established a variety of learning styles and come to the piano with a body of musical references from past experiences. If they do not have a compelling reason to continue practicing, they will be prone to procrastinate and lose their gains from the lessons. The teacher can help them with this by giving them assignments relevant to their unique situation.