Materials to Choose From When Buying Western Buckles

An accessory that completes your look and tightens your pants is a belt. Western buckles offer a way to express your personality with designs, themes and slogans. Dress belts work best with formal clothing, while casual leather and fabric belts pair well with jeans and other casual attire. Your style may make a statement or be more subtle, depending on the occasion.


A leather belt keeps your pants firmly in place while providing a polished look and a snug fit. A belt can also make a statement or tie together different outfit elements. Choosing a leather belt is easy if you know what to look for, especially when selecting kids Western belts.

Leather is available in several grades and styles, including full-grain leather being the best. Full-grain leather is made from the top layer of cowhide with its natural grain intact, making it strong and durable. It also has better breathability than other types of leather.

Bonded leather is a cheap material that should be considered something other than real leather and lasts longer than genuine or split leather. It is made from shredded leather scraps and then coated with polyurethane or latex. A poor-quality bonded leather belt may scratch and crack over time. The best way to tell if your belt is genuine leather is by flexing it and looking for any signs of cracking or tearing.


Metal belts have a higher percentage of open area, allowing for various opening configurations to accommodate specific products and conveying needs. These include slotted, grip top, or nub top configurations.

Choosing the right product for your application will help you avoid unplanned downtime and costly repairs in the future. To replace a belt buckle, lay the leather belt face down and undo two snaps at the front of the belt buckle flap to expose the metal bar on the back.


If you want to add a bit of flair and style to your Western leather belt, choose one with a design or saying. You can find men’s western leather belts with classic designs, like our etched removable buckle, or unique tooled belts that look worn and have that perfect “western” feel.

Women’s special design belts are also popular and can help you show your countryside and look great at the same time. Remember to order your belt two to four numbers higher than your jean waist size. It will ensure a comfortable fit. You can also find vintage western belt buckles that are sure to turn heads.


A well-fitting leather belt adds a polished look to your outfit and keeps your pants cinched around your waist. Some people like to add a bit of sparkle with rhinestone embellishment to accentuate the design in their Western belt buckle. Hand-tooled leather is another popular way to decorate genuine leather Western belts.

This technique uses special tools to cut into the leather, creating a beautifully textured finish without using any potentially hazardous metal embellishments. Both casual and dress belt buckles come in various shapes, sizes and designs. Bold designs, such as horses, bronco riders and skulls, convey boldness and strength, while other designs, like flowers, crosses and Native American motifs show personal style.

Choose a belt buckle that complements the metal in your other Western accessories, including your watch and bolo tie. If you’re wearing a dress belt with a casual outfit, consider choosing a simpler buckle that can easily be switched out for a more refined accessory when changing to a formal outfit.